iPad Security and Privacy

  • All student and staff iPads are pre-configured with functionality customized for education. Saint Paul Public Schools actively works with several security vendors to create and update security policies. Most relevant to this conversation is the “JAMF” mobile device (iPad & Macbook) management system. JAMF is a Minnesota - based company, one of the leading companies nationwide and worldwide managing Apple devices. Some of the features our JAMF management system controls on student iPads include:

Internet Filtering

  • Student iPads have pre-installed internet filtering. Adult content is blocked from student access, as well as social media site such as Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. While no content filter is 100% foolproof, our Technology Services team is responsive in continually adjusting filters to keep students safe and protected.

App Store / FaceTime / iMessage

  • Although SPPS uses Apple iPads, many apps and tools are not relevant or desirable for the classroom (either physical or virtual!). Pre-installed device management features block apps such as the Apple App Store, FaceTime, iMessage and other tools. Students cannot add their own personal Email accounts, and throughout most of the school year students are unable to reset (erase) their own iPads due to the difficulty of setting the device up again and/or circumnavigating the security management features.

Self Service App Store

  • Students and staff have access to a special ‘app store’ on the iPads with over 400 apps that have been reviewed for content, data privacy and security guidelines. More information about the App Approval process and Security Review can be found at: spps.org/apps.