Student Privacy, Tracking and Location

  • External “LMS” companies, including Seesaw, Schoology and others sign contracts and data sharing agreements with Saint Paul Public Schools. Student Data privacy is of the utmost importance to all. Student data is NOT tracked by these companies after our students leave or move to the next system. Often, these companies are unable to see into our systems because of the security and privacy policies set by both sides, intentionally. Students and staff authenticate into these systems with their school username and password. When SPPS deactivates or changes that account password, the student account in Seesaw or Schoology is inaccessible.

    Camera and microphone use on the iPad is controlled on an app-by-app basis by the student. When opening an app for the first time, the iPad will prompt students to ‘allow’ access to the microphone and camera. This pop up can be confusing for many students (and staff). It does not mean the app is listening or watching the student from that point onwards. Students must always tap ‘record’ for the microphone or camera to begin recording. If students disabled the camera access by default, they would need to go to the Settings app and enable access every time the app was opened. They would still have to tap ‘record’ once in the app.

    Student location tracking is not allowed for third party apps. Location tracking of the device is reserved for security and lost device procedures by a core group of Technology Services staff. General staff do not have ability to view device location. Student location tracking is one of the items prohibited by the SPPS apps review process and in accordance with Federal education guidelines.