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MN Zoo Field Trip - November 11, 2022

MN Vikings visit to Highwood Hills - May 25, 2022


MN Twins visit to Highwood Hills - May 23, 2022


    Fourth and fifth grade students at Highwood Hills Elementary took part in the Minnesota Twins' Reading is Powerful program. Students listened to a few chapters of The Triple Play Twins read aloud by Twins' President, Dave St. Peter. TC, always fan favorite, also made a surprise appearance.  

Highwood Hills Cultural Fashion Show

  • Eagle Bluff 2022 - 5/18/2022

    Fifth-grade students from Highwood Hills Elementary went on a three-day overnight trip to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center in Lanesboro, MN. Students had the opportunity to learn and explore both in the classroom and outdoors on the Eagle Bluff campus. Students practiced archery, learned about the Oneota people that once lived in the area, and pushed themselves to new heights on the high ropes course. 

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  • Pre-K Sledding - 3/2/2022

    Fourth-grade students at Highwood Hills Elementary recently took their pre-K buddies sledding. Buddy partnerships help to build positive relationships between students, foster a sense of school community and provide older students with authentic leadership opportunities.  

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  • Dr. Lawson Reading to KG - 1/21/2022

    Dr. Fatima Lawson, principal of Highwood Hills Elementary, recently read the "Grinny Granny Donkey" to kindergarten students. The students loved hearing the story as much as Dr. Lawson enjoyed reading to them. Each student received their own copy of the book to take home. Dr. Lawson received her own "kindergarten autographed" copy.  

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  • STEM Activity - 6/22/2021

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is strong at Highwood Hills Elementary School. In the top photo, students in grades four and five create scale models of the solar system using 3D printing pens. The bottom photo features the coding club. Thanks to a partnership with FORSE, and support from virtual mentors, fourth and fifth-grade students learned to code by programing a Harry Potter magic wand.   

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  • Bird Sculptures - 4/26/2021

    These young artists are so proud the bird sculptures they created! Second and third grade students from Highwood Hills Elementary School participated in a virtual field trip through the Walker Art Museum. Each student made a bird sculpture during the interactive experience, in addition to receiving a bag of art supplies to take home. 

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  • Cosmic Bowling - 4/1/2021

    During physical education class, students in kindergarten through fifth grade recently celebrated the end of their bowling units with Cosmic Bowling. Lights and music transformed the atmosphere of the gym at Highwood Hills Elementary School into a high-energy bowling zone. 

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  • SeaQuest - 3/4/2021

    Highwood Hills Elementary School fifth-grade teachers, Leah Stern and Brent Vyvyan, took students on a one-of-a-kind virtual field trip to SeaQuest Aquarium. The students took part in a magnificent adventure where they toured different biomes of the world. The focus of their learning was animal adaptations and the impact they have on the world.  

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  • Kindergarten Activity - 11/9/2021

    Kindergarten students at Highwood Hills Elementary are learning about changes in their world. In this photograph, our young learners are exploring the concepts of hibernation, migration, and animal adaptations through dramatic play, literacy, and art. Students can curl up in the hibernation habitat to read a book or burrow into the leaf pit for a quick rest.  

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