• Bienvenido! Nyob zoo! Welcome!

    Welcome to Farnsworth Aerospace Upper! Whether you are registering for placement in the fall, starting a new school year, or joining Farnsworth mid-year, we are glad to have you and your family as members of the Farnsworth community. This web page is the place to start learning about Farnsworth: from the daily school schedule to school district information. If you are joing us mid-year, your first step will be scheduling an intake meeting with one of the School Counselors, Ms. Cahill or Ms. Evans. Learn more on the counseling office web page.

    School Schedule

    Farnsworth’s school year is divided into four quarters. Each quarter is 9 weeks long; student grades are reported at the end of each quarter. Farnsworth school day is divided into seven periods; students eat lunch during 4th period. 

    School Classes

    Farnsworth Upper offers core classes including English Language Arts, health, math, physical education, science and social studies at each grade level. Elective classes including aerospace, art, band/music, AVID, design and modeling, introduction to robotics, and study skills. Academic enrichment through experiential learning trips is key part of education at Farnsworth. Students may travel to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, Museum of Flight & Boeing Factory in Seattle, WA, Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, Air & Space Museum, Washington DC, and Aviation Camp, Huntsville, AL.

    Common Grading

    Farnsworth Upper uses Common Grading to assess student mastery of academic standards. Common Grading uses a 4-point scale to measure student progress using summative assessments (papers, tests, projects, etc.) and practice and formative assessments (homework, class work, rough drafts, etc.). The Common Grading scores of 4 reflect exceeding proficiency, 3 proficient, 2 partially proficient, 1 not proficient and 0 no score given.

    Student Grading

    SPPS uses two computer programs to track student progress. Campus is used to track official grades, attendance, behavior, etc.  Schoology is used by teachers to incorporate on-line learning in the classroom. Schoology may also be used for classroom communication between school/home. Families may access student records in Campus and Schoology through SPPS One Stop or by calling a Farnsworth clerk at 651-293-8880.

    Restorative Practices

    Farnsworth Upper is proud to be an ongoing site for implementation of Restorative Practices. Restorative practices offer an additional opportunity for schools to create classroom and school-wide communities, allow for positive communication and problem-solving, and incorporate social and emotional learning with academics. 


    Participation in athletics develops skills of team work, responsibility, time management and interpersonal skills. Farnsworth students may participate in sports throughout the school year such as soccer, basketball, track, wrestling and more. Check out the athletics page to learn more.