Our Principal

Phone: 651-293-8880


Degrees and Certifications:

Hamilton Bell

All systems go!

We are a school where high expectations are met with hard work. Our students thrive here because we nurture their potential. Our teachers know that all kids have an ace inside of them and it's their job to help find it. We have two campuses and one mission for our youngsters. Success.

All of our stakeholders, from the kids to the community, have come to expect more from Farnsworth. We have involved parents and invested community partners and we know that we couldn't do this without their commitment.

We value our highly trained teachers and understand that staff development in aerospace and STEM education is paramount to our success. The kids depend on Mr. Bell (Principal) and Mr. Sodomka (Administrator/Assistant Principal) as much as they do the Farnsworth extras like Family Nights and Field Adventures.

Farnsworth will always be a place where students and their families join our staff to learn new things together. Our extended field experiences and guest experts are more than a tradition, they are the key to our progress in an ever changing field.

Farnsworth is special and we are excited about the momentum that is building behind our STEAM education. We understand the importance of rigor but problem solving takes teamwork and most of all, imagination. We know that there is no better way to tap into the magic that is a child's curiosity, than with the miracle of flight.