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Degrees and Certifications:

·Bachelor of Arts in English, Biology -- Luther College · Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) -- Hamline University · MN Teaching License: 5-12 Language & Communication Arts

Ms. Amy Corrigan

Hello!  My name is Ms. Amy Corrigan, and this year I will be teaching Writing Workshop in 6th-grade.  I am happy to be starting my 8th year (2020-2021) at Global Arts Plus-Upper and my 22nd year in education!

Here is a link to the Writer's Workshop syllabus. This year we will write to tell stories (narrative writing), inform or teach others (expository writing), and share our opinions (argument writing). We will explore our sense of self (identity), sense of purpose (truth), sense of power (voice), & sense of imagination (creativity). Stay up-to-date with grades, daily activities, homework assignments, and feedback through Schoology.

This photo was taken during the 2019 6th-grade artist residency with Minneapolis photographer Wing Young Huie.

For more information about the 6th-grade team of teachers, please take a look at this welcome letter and/or video. 

6th-grade Team Welcome Letter

6th-grade Team Welcome VIDEO

6th-grade OPEN HOUSE Slideshow


Feel free to contact me by e-mail with any questions.  Let's have a great year together! :) Peace, Ms. Amy Corrigan


PHOTO GALLERY: During Q2/Q3, students researched one of two historical events: the Greensboro Sit-ins and the Stonewall Uprising.  They asked questions, read and took notes from 2+ sources, and synthesized and paraphrased their learning. Finally, they created ONE-PAGERS to engage and inform their readers about these important events. Here are some of the 6th-graders' ONE-PAGERS in a photo gallery.


  • End of Week 4

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 2/26/2021 4:15:00 PM
    Friday, 2/26/21
    Hello families,
    Today marks the end of Quarter 3, Week 4.  That means that next week is already Q3 Midterm. If you haven’t check-in with your 6th-grader about their work and progress so far in Quarter 3, this would be a great week/weekend to do it!
    Today also concludes the first week Global Arts Plus has offered our middle school students in-person support at the building.  Overall, the return to the building went well.  Here are a few of the comments we heard from students and teachers this week:
    - “I’m done? If I were at home, this would have taken me an hour to do!”
    - “It was so good to see one another.”
    - “I got so much done today.”
    - “The school is so much bigger than I thought it would be.”
    - “It was great to see student social AND academic interactions. Students were eager to help one another!”
    - “Mrs. Toivola looks taller in Google Meets.” ;)
    In-person support continues in upcoming weeks.  Please remind your children to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes early on their assigned day(s).  Finally, please note, there is NO in-person support on Tuesday, March 2.
    As you have likely heard, “SPPS is planning to begin in-person learning for all 6-12 grade students who want it starting Wednesday, April 14. Until then, secondary students will continue in distance learning…Secondary students who wish to stay in distance learning for the remainder of the school year will have the option to sign up for virtual learning.” As of today, we have not heard about how registration for in-person and/or continued virtual learning will roll out.  Rest assured, we will pass along information as we learn it.
    Also coming soon: Spring Conferences!  Like last Fall, families will be invited to sign-up for virtual conferences with their middle schooler’s Foundations teachers.  Exact days/times are still being finalized, but spring conferences will happen mid- to late-March.  We should have more details for you next week.
    Thank you for reaching out with questions and concerns.  Thanks, too, for your continued support in this most unusual school year.
    In peace, Ms. Corrigan & Ms. Young :)
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  • End of Week 3

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 2/19/2021 4:00:00 PM
    ​Friday, 2/19/21
    Hello families,
    Today marks the end of week 3 of quarter 3.  The 6th-grade classes at Global Arts Plus have been digging in to the big-work of quarter 3 this week:
    - In MATH, 6th-graders continue to work with percentages and word problems.
    - In MN STUDIES, students took a virtual field trip to Bdote, the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers.
    - In READING WORKSHOP,6th-grade readers have been reviewing academic literary terms (character, trait, claim, evidence...) as they read & discuss fiction.
    - In SCIENCE, students have been studying balanced and unbalanced forces, creating “animal tug-of-wars” that show these different concepts.
    - In WRITING WORKSHOP, 6th-grade writers have begun working on a One-pager that uses text and images to show what they learned from researching either the Greensboro Sit-ins or the Stonewall Uprising.
    Even while quarter 3 marches on, the 6th-grade team has been busy preparing students and materials for the transition to in-person support.  As a reminder, in-person support is an optional chance for students to work with teachers and peers in the school building.  To help students prepare for these changes, this week we led students through updated expectations for being in the building (maps, masks, schedules, etc.). If you’d like to view the slides/videos shared with students this week in our Foundations class, here is the link:
    If your child is planning to attend in-person support, the district has sent out information about bussing (routes, times, locations).  Teachers have heard that this info. has been confusing and/or inconsistent. If you have not received information, you can access it on your child’s iPad in the CAMPUS app.  Here are instructions:
    1. Go into Campus app (app for attendance)
    2. Click on the 3 bars in the top left corner
    3. Click on More
    4. Click on Transportation
    If you are unsure of the day(s) your child can attend in-person support, we taught our students how to look up their schedules in the SCHOOLOGY app.  Here are instructions:
    1. Go into Schoology app
    2. Open Foundations course
    3. Click on the folder “My Q3 Schedule”
    4. Students should be able to see their own Q3 schedule AND in-person bussing information, including the day(s) they are invited to attend
    With so many changes on the wind, we can take comfort in the words of Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”  We know how challenging-yet-important communication is during transitions.  Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.
    In peace, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young 🙂
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  • End of Week 2

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 2/12/2021 3:45:00 PM

    Year of the Ox

      Friday, February 12, 2021
    Hello, Corrigan/Young Foundations families,
    As we finish our first week of new, Q3 schedules, there is a lot to celebrate.  6th-graders did an AMAZING job adjusting to new Meet times and routines this week.  We know that moving work time to the mornings and class Meets to afternoons caused a lot of upheaval (for students, families, teachers). Thank you for all of your support as the schedules continue to unfold.
    You’ve most likely heard that — as Ramsey County COVID case rates have improved — SPPS will begin offering in-person support for 6-12 grade students starting the week of February 22.  In-person support will be offered Monday-Thursday; Fridays will be distance learning days for all secondary students.  Approximately 25% of students will be scheduled for Mondays, 25% for Tuesdays, and so on. Attendance at in-person support is not required; the time will be used to support students in distance learning, not to teach new material. Please watch your mail for details about which day(s) your child is invited to GAP-Upper for in-person support.
    What are 6th-graders working on right now?
    - In Science, students are exploring types of FORCES.
    - In Math with Mrs. Toivola, 6th-graders are CALCULATING THE WHOLE.
    - In Reading, students are preparing for SOCIAL ISSUE BOOKS & CLUBS.
    - In MN Studies, 6th-graders are learning about DAKOTA CULTURE & HISTORY.
    - In Writing, students are PARAPHRASING their learning from research about the Greensboro Sit-ins or the Stonewall Uprising.
    As a reminder, Monday is President’s Day.  There is no school for staff or students on Monday, 2/16/21.  Our classes and lessons will resume on Tuesday, 2/17.
    Please let me know your questions and concerns as we prepare for and begin in-person support.  Teachers are working hard to prepare students, materials, and lessons to meet the challenges of these changes. Thank you, in advance, for your continued support & communication.
    In peace, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young 🙂
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  • Quarter 3, Week 1

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 2/5/2021 6:25:00 PM

    Friday, 2/5/21
    Hello Corrigan/Young Foundations families,
    Second semester has begun!  On Thursday, this week, students met in Homeroom/Foundations to check-in, clean-up and clear-out from Q2, access our Q3 schedules, and start talking about the changes for the new term.  
    Quarter 3 schedules will begin on Monday, 2/8.  The major change for all students is that Google Meets (live class check-ins) are moving from mornings (Q1-Q2) to afternoons (Q3).  Monday through Thursday, students should be using their mornings to take attendance, check email, view lessons in Schoology, and begin their work.  Afternoons are when students will attend Google Meets from 1:30 - 4:00 pm.  Your child can access their new schedules in Schoology —> Foundations class —> Materials —> folder called “My Schedule.”  
    This Monday, February 8, there is a Global Arts Plus virtual PTA meeting at 7:00pm. The focus of this PTA meeting is a Q & A session about onsite academic support, VLS/in-person transitions for PreK-2, 3-5 and 6-8 distance learning. Please see the PTA flier, attached, for details and the Zoom link for the meeting.
    Have a great weekend, everyone. Stay warm and let us know if you have questions.
    In peace, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young 🙂
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  • End of Week 10 (End of Quarter 2)

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 1/30/2021 8:30:00 AM
    Saturday, January 30, 2021
    Hello families,
    Our 6th-graders have just completed quarter 2 of their school year. Mathematically, they are 6.5 or 6 1/2 graders!  We are so proud of the effort, adaptability, and determination our students have shown so far this school year!
    As past emails have explained, there are changes coming for second semester.  It's such a tangle of details and dates, that I'll do my best -- here -- to describe.  Please contact us if we can help you navigate the changes or answer questions.
    In-person Support Offerings
    Planning for in-person support is still underway.  Once it begins, in-person support will be offered for ~25% of middle school students for each of M-T-W-Th. Once in-person support starts, teachers will be in the building mornings, from 9-12:30; they won't be available to students working/learning from home in the mornings.  In-person support will begin the second full week after the COVID-19 case rate for Ramsey County remains under 30 for two consecutive weeks. These numbers are released by the state on Thursdays. SPPS will communicate with staff and families as soon as that threshold is met, and the start date is determined.
    Second Semester Orientation
    On Thursday, 2/4, Quarter 3 will start with a morning-long second semester orientation.  Students are expected to log-on to Google Meet to meet with their Foundations class/teachers all morning, 9:30-12:00. This will allow teachers to teach upcoming changes, introduce new/individual student schedules, answer questions, etc..  We will also take time to reflect on and celebrate first semester!  Thank you, in advance, for helping your 6th-grader prioritize attendance at this meeting: Thursday, 2/4/21 from 9:30-12:00.
    Quarter 3 Classes
    Middle schoolers will start their Q3 schedules on Monday, 2/8 in distance learning.  Mornings will be mostly asynchronous; students should use mornings to take attendance (Campus) and open their class folders to access lessons, view teacher videos, and complete assignments (Schoology). Afternoons will be for synchronous Google Meets.  While these are big changes, these adjustments will allow us to shift to in-person support more easily, when it begins. Here's a blank schedule (draft) that depicts these changes:
    Google Meet Classes
    Starting Monday, 2/8, middle school Google Meet classes will be scheduled for afternoons.  Again, this will be a big change for middle school students and teachers!  While they used to have live Meets in the morning,  students will now log on to Google Meets for their live classes from 1:30-4:00.  Students will continue to have Foundations and periods 1-4 on M/W afternoons, and Foundations and periods 5-7 on T/Th afternoons.  Please note, middle school students in VLS and students attending in-person support will keep the same teachers/classes. The only teachers and classes that will change for semester 2 are elective classes (if students had Theater with Ms. Rasheed last semester, for example, they might have Visual Art with Mr. Sam this semester). 
    Again, we know that these details can be overwhelming. We'll continue to update you & support students as things unfold.  Please know -- as always -- that we are available to answer questions or help untangle then knots.  Thanks for your continued support and communication!
    In peace,
    Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young
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  • End of Week 9

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 1/22/2021 4:15:00 PM
    Friday, January 22, 2021
    Hello families,
    It’s the end of week 9!  With just one week left of quarter 2, our 6th-graders are nearly HALF-WAY DONE with their 6th-grade year!  Time does fly, doesn’t it?  
    There are a lot of changes for SPPS middle schoolers coming up! We know that the flow of communication has been a challenge as SPPS transitions to different in-person options for varied ages/grade levels.  Thank you thank you thank you for your patience! The 6th-grade team is working to share details as they solidify. Please know, too,  that we will be talking & working with students about these changes in coming lessons, days, & weeks.  
    As you have likely heard, Global Arts Plus will begin offering in-person support for our 6-8 grade students starting in February.  Here’s the GAP-Upper letter that Principal Jones sent (in the GAP Family Newsletter, The Wave) on 1/19:

    As we head into second semester (third quarter), 6th-8th-graders will be invited to attend in-person support in the building one day a week (mornings, 9:30-12).  Approximately 25% of students will be invited each day. All students who are not enrolled in the Virtual Learning School will be able to come to school for one day per week for 2.5 hours of in-person support. Please note: in-person time will be used to support distance learning and help 6th-graders acclimate to middle school, not to teach new material or classes.

    In-person support is scheduled to begin February 16*, but the exact date is pending, based on current COVID-19 rates in our community. In-person support will begin after the COVID-19 case rate for Ramsey County remains under 30 for two consecutive weeks. Staff and families will be notified of the start date as soon as that threshold is met.
    Even when in-person support begins, all 6-12 grade staff and students will continue in distance learning as their primary teaching and learning model. Also, live Google Meet (classes) will be part of our daily schedule. If families do not want their students to be considered for in-person support, they should fill out this form to opt out by Friday, January 29. 
    If you would like more information, visit and/or look for additional communication from Global Arts Plus in coming weeks.
    Finally, here are some key, upcoming dates to keep in mind:
    • Thursday, 1/28 - Last day of Q2 for students
    • Friday, 1/29 - Teacher grading/PD day - No school for 6-8th-grade students
    • Monday, 2/1 - Wednesday, 2/3 - No school for 6-8th-grade students (teachers planning for in-person support)
    • Thursday, 2/4 - Q3 BEGINS
        • Middle school students will meet for extended homeroom time in the morning, 9:30-12.
        • New Q3 schedules will be shared.
    • Monday, 2/8 - Q3 CLASSES begin
    • Monday, 2/15 - Presidents’ Day - No school for staff or students
    • Tuesday, 2/16 - Anticipated first day of in-person support for 6-8th-grade students*
    Cliché or not, I know that we are stronger when we work together.  Please reach out with any questions or concerns, as they arise.  Thanks, as always, for your support & collaboration!
    In peace, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young
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  • End of Week 8

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 1/16/2021 11:15:00 AM
    Saturday, 1/16/21
    Hello families,
    Time has gotten away from me at the end of this week, so I’m sending this check-in a bit late.  We hope this note finds you and your family safe, warm, and well.
    Our 6th-grade students and teachers have just completed their 8th week of Q2.  There are two short weeks left of the quarter.  As a reminder, there is no school for staff or students on Monday, 1/18 in honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  Week 9, therefore, is Tuesday, 1/19 - Friday, 1/22.  The quarter ends on Thursday, 1/28.  Week 10, therefore, is Monday, 1/25 - Thursday, 1/28.  All quarter 2 work is due by Thursday, 1/28.  There is no school for students on Friday, 1/29 as teachers will be grading and in professional development meetings.
    There continues to be a lot of discussion about a return to in-person learning in SPPS.  You can find out the latest news and updates on the ever-evolving planning for 6th-grade (secondary) students at the district website: Additional communication will be coming from Global Arts Plus in coming days.
    What have GAP-U 6th-graders been working on recently?
    • In WRITING, students have started to think about the theme for upcoming research: Truth, Power, & Voice.
    • In SCIENCE, students have completed a summative task about density.
    • In MN STUDIES, 6th-graders have been discussing Karen immigration to MN. They used a choice board to reflect on “Beh Weh’s story."
    • In MATH with Mrs. Toivola, Playposit video lessons ask students to convert fractions to percentages.
    • In READING, students have thinking about how author’s perspective/point of view come through in their texts AND working on how to determine if a source is trustworthy.
    • In FOUNDATIONS, students have studied note-taking, finance, and gratitude. This week, we’ll be talking more about the connection between school subjects & careers and continuing lessons about time management.
    As you can see, 6th-graders have a lot of learning in the works! If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s work, well-being, or progress, please let us know.
    In peace & partnership, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young 🙂
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  • End of Week 7

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 1/8/2021 5:00:00 PM
    Friday, 1/8/21
    Hello families,
    It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve talked  We hope you had a chance to relax, reflect, and spend time with family over Winter Break!
    Global Arts Plus teachers, this week, have been talking about and processing the many layers of crises influencing our neighborhoods, city, state, and country. We are weary, but we are also committed to the community we work with and for. We know that each of you, too, is navigating these same concerns, events, and feelings.  And we invite you to reach out if there are ways that we can work together to support you and your 6th-grade students.
    There continues to be a lot of discussion about a return to in-person learning in SPPS.  You can find out the latest news and updates on the ever-evolving planning for secondary students at the district website:
    Middle school students at GAP-U are finishing their 7th week of 2nd quarter today.  We know that the weeks after Winter Break can be a struggle for students.  There are often assignments from December that still need to be finished and submitted, the return to schedules and schoolwork can be difficult, and the drag of continued distance learning is also taking its toll.  But we march onward toward the end of quarter 2: January 28.
    The 6th-grade team would like to encourage you to check-in with your 6th-graders about their work in Q2:
    - Are they caught-up on work in each class?
    - Are there assignments that need work?
    - Are they passing each of their classes?
    - Are they attending Google Meets (live classes) in the morning and/or small groups or help sessions in the afternoons?
    - Are they going to the 6th-grade help desk (1:30-2:30 on Google Meets, code: gap6help) when they are stuck?
    You can check your child’s work and progress by logging-in to Schoology.  Help with Schoology is available at:  Or, ask your child to pull-up their grades on Schoology (on their iPads) for you to see. If you have specific questions or concerns, please reach out.  We want to help students set priorities and complete work so that they can end quarter 2 feeling strong and proud!
    Happy 2021!  In peace & partnership, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young
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  • End of Week 5 (MIDTERM!)

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 12/18/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Hello families!

    Today marks the end of the 5th week of Quarter 2. Plus, it was MIDTERM week.  If you log into Campus Portal, you should be able to see midterm grades posted for your 6th-grader.  As you may know, these grades are a “snapshot in time.”  That is, current grades should provide a picture of how 6th-graders are engaging and completing work so far this quarter.  But, grades are changing and dynamic until the end of the quarter (Th., 1/28/21).

    This week there has also been a lot of talk, this week, about a return to in-person school.  At this time, announced changes are for students in PreK-2, and 3-5 only.  Secondary students and schools (grades 6-12) will still be in distance learning for the foreseeable future. For more information about this, please visit the district website:

    As a reminder, Winter Break begins next week on Wednesday, December 23.  Classes will resume on Monday, January 4.  While Winter Break will look different for many of us this year, I wish you all time and space to play, relax, reflect, and spend time together. Seamus Heaney — one of my favorite poets — wrote: “If we can winter this out / we can summer anywhere.”  

    Peace to you and your families in the new year!  

    Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young

    Seamus Heaney

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  • End of Week 4

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 12/11/2020

    It is the end of week 4.  That means that next week is Q2 MIDTERM already, and we are 3/8 done with the school year.  Yikes!

    6th-grade teachers would like to ask you, kindly, to remind your 6th-graders to attend our live, Google Meet classes as much as is possible.  Most Meets happen in the morning between 9:30-12:00, but there are often work sessions, small groups, and help desk Meets during afternoon hours. The temptation to play a game or watch a video on YouTube is real, but class Meets exist to launch kids into their learning and work.   If kids miss their Meets, there are lessons/folders/tasks they'll need to access in Schoology. This will help them stay on top of work and learning! As a reminder, students and families can view their grades using the Schoology website:
    Additionally, here are some questions to ask your 6th-grader about their work and progress in classes:
    • Have you completed your PARTICLE PROJECT in Science? How did it go?
    • Have you finished the rough draft of your INFORMATION BOOK in Writing? Are you prepared to finish your FINAL DRAFT for next Friday?
    • Are you keeping up with your PlayPosit videos for Math? What are you learning right now in Math?
    • What kinds of choices are you making on your CHOICE BOARDS for MN Studies?
    • What kinds of NONFICTION BOOKS are you reading for Reading Workshop? What topics are your reading about?
    As you may have seen in the GAP-Upper newsletter sent last week (from Assistant Principal Hendrix), the December PTA meeting has been moved to Monday, 12/14. If you would like to attend, please email your request to They will send you Zoom link information so you can join the meeting!
    Finally, as reminder, school is in session through Tuesday, 12/22.  Then, we will take a winter break from Wed. 12/23 - Sun. 1/3/21.  School resumes on Monday, 1/4/21.
    Thanks again for your continued support and communication.  Have a great weekend!       In peace, Ms. Amy Corrigan
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