Districtwide Career Pathways Programs

  • High School student laughing with yellow arrow behind them

    There are many districtwide opportunities in Career Pathways for all high school students to participate in. While foundational career pathway courses and internship opportunities are available through a student's home high school, there are further opportunities available online and through the Districtwide Career Pathways Center. District staff offers support in earning industry recognized certifications, internships, and advanced training.

    Career Seminar Portfolio- students can take this asynchronous Schoology course at their own pace and receive support through their Workbased Learning Teacher and Tuesday afternoon sessions hosted at 4pm throughout the year. Students should reach out to their Workbased Learning Teacher if interested. 

    Earn As You Learn- students can earn a stipend when they complete industry certifications of their choice and complete financial literacy components. This is asynchronous (outside the school day) and online. Completing Career Seminar or Career Seminar Portfolio is required. 

    3M Advanced Training Center- 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to explore advanced courses paired with industry certifications and paid internships opportunities during the afternoon of their school day.

    Internships- students can access internships after the completion of Career Seminar or Career Seminar Portfolio. Students should reach out to their Work-based Learning teacher to find out what opportunities are available for 9th-12th graders!