Student Equity Development and Leadership

  • Student Equity Development and Leadership is a new area of focus for the Office of Equity. Our mission is to grow the capacity to interrupt systems of marginalization to support student learning and development. Our vision is that all SPPS staff are equity leaders in partnership with students, families, and the community.

    Student Equity Development and Leadership will support and develop a process for identifying, assessing, and implementing a systemic model for student equity development and leadership programming across the district. Student Equity Development and Leadership also works collectively with the Office of Equity team and school building advisors/facilitators of student programming to develop curriculum, programming, tools, and resources to systemically elevate student voice while supporting student academic success in SPPS.

In the Now

  • 2023 Latinx Youth Leadership Conference

    The Latinx Youth Leadership Conference is a one-day event consisting of workshops, presentations, activities, and art that promote positive youth development, leadership, and cultural identity in Latinx students, ages 6-12th grade. Youth learn from others and share their perspectives and experiences regarding the development of their lives and community. Registration is free, includes lunch, and opens in early February. Registration is limited will be handled on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of 30 student registrants per school. The Office of Equity will cover the cost of transportation for any SPPS school attending. 

    Date: Friday, May 19, 2023

    Time: 8:45am - 3:00pm

    Location: Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC)

    Registration/Registro: CLOSED

    La organización comunitaria La Oportunidad ofrece una conferencia de liderazgo para la juventud Latinx que se llevará acabo el 19 de mayo 2023. Habrá talleres, presentaciones, actividades y artes manuales que promueven el desarrollo de destrezas positivas de liderazgo, desarrollo personal, e identidad cultural de estudiantes Latinx en grados 6to- 12. Los jóvenes aprenderán de uno al otro y compartirán sus perspectivas y experiencias acerca el desarrollo de si mismos y sus comunidades. Inscripción es gratuita e incluye comida de medio día y se abrirá a principios de febrero. La inscripción es limitada a un máximo de 30 estudiantes de cada escuela. Por requisito de La Oportunidad cada estudiante necesita inscribirse individualmente. La Oficina de Equidad cubrirá el costo de transporte para todas las escuelas secundarias que forman parte del distrito escolar de St. Paul.

  • 415 Form

    415 Form: Discrimination, Harassment, Violence, and Retaliation


  • William Hill, Program Manager

    Address: 1930 Como Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55108
    Phone: 612-463-6365

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