Aerospace at Farnsworth PreK-4

  • Our program engages a child’s imagination with the exciting endeavor of human flight. Students learn to value teamwork when solving complex problems. They experiment, present their ideas, gain confidence and become leaders.

    Our unique focus encompasses a wide range of disciplines. From designing airplanes to writing stories about space flight — when we look at problems through an aerospace lens, it only leads to creativity and innovation.

    Students will become the scientists and engineers that will solve our most pressing problems in the future. 

    We have:

    • Uniquely Trained Staff
    • Out of this World Field Trips
    • Experts from the Field

    Inspiration. Imagination. Commitment.

    Our curriculum offerings support student successes for living, learning and growing in the 21st century. With our emphasis in aerospace, science, technology, engineering and mathematics; we are accomplishing our mission by exposing young minds to a world of possibilities, and backing that up with the coursework that will help them reach their highest potential.

    In addition to the specific subjects, our students are exposed to many guest scientists, astronauts and professionals from a wide range of careers. Our students continue to be inspired by the message given and the fact that students can achieve their goals with hard work and perseverance.

    Students continue to learn through field experiences that take them beyond the walls of the classroom. These experiences provide many "firsts" for a number of our students. First airplane ride, first space museum, first time serving as a crew member of a simulated mission... In many cases these firsts inspire their earliest career goals that include scientists, engineers and yes, astronauts too.

    We encourage parents and families to remain active throughout their child's education. After all, our parents learn with their children as they too are exposed to the exciting, new information we see at Farnsworth every year.

    Aerospace/STEM Enrichment at Farnsworth PreK-4

    • Flight Simulators for 4th grade students
    • Aerospace Specialist
    • Science Specialist
    • Engineering and Aerospace Family Nights
    • Coding- Spheros, BeeBots, iPad apps
    • LEGO League for 4th grade students 
    • STEAM building manipulatives (building tiles, blocks, building magnets, etc.)
    • Project Lead the Way Curriculum (engineering) and Much More! 

Photos from PreK-4 Campus