Jenny Whitney, APRN, LSN

Jenny Whitney, Licensed School Nurse
  • Schedule:

    Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am to 4pm

    Contact Information:

    Health Office- 651-888-7601

    Google Voice phone or text- 651-760-0585


    Fax- 1-651-286-3546



  • Fall is finally here. With this time of year comes new viruses, rashes and bugs to be aware of. Certain symptoms in children may suggest the presence of a communicable disease. Excluding an ill student may decrease the spread of the illness to others in school. Please keep your student(s) home if they have ANY of these symptoms:  *See Health links for additional information

    -Fever of 100.0 degrees or more during the previous evening or night or in the morning. Can return once they have been fever free a full 24 hours (without fever-reducing medication).

    -Has vomited during the night or in the morning. Can return 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting.

    -Diarrhea; increased number of stools than student's normal amount. Stools can also be less formed and/or watery or with mucus. Has had diarrhea in the night or in the morning. Stay home until 24 hours without diarrhea.

    -Rash with a fever. Rash that may be caused by disease, or the cause is unknown, check with your healthcare provider before returning to school.

    -If you are awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, stay home until you have received your final results. If positive, go to and click on the RED RECTANGLE icon to receive next steps.


  • Hi! My name is Jenny Whitney and I am the Licensed School Nurse here at Adams Spanish Immersion. I have been a Registered Nurse and Public health Nurse for 18 years and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for 12 of those years. I have practiced in hospitals, the Urgent Care setting and also in private practice as a Primary Care Provider. 

    I live in Apple Valley with my husband and two boys. In my free time I love to travel, watch movies, cook and bake, all kinds of creating, and spending time with my family and friends! 

    I'm thrilled to be starting my 2nd year as Adams school nurse. I am dedicated to protecting the health and safety of students and enhancing their education by addressing any health-related barriers to learning. 

  • May Xiong is the Health Assistant at Adams and is the other half of our Health Team! She is able to provide first aid, administer medication, and is a big part of the day-to-day Health Office flow.