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Ms. Trana

Hello!  My name is Ms. Trana and I am excited to be back in the Social Studies classroom at LMAP.  I teach 7th grade U.S. History.  In this class we will learn about the events and people who shaped our country.  We explore important documents such as the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Gettysburg Address. 


We will take an in-depth look at themes such as:

§  Westward Expansion -the impact on Native Americans by the European colonizers and settlers

§  Civil War to Civil Rights -the 100+ year stuggle for equal treatment under the law for African Americans

§  Progressive Movements - women's voting rights, education reforms, prison and mental health reforms

§  Industrialization - changes in the way people live due to technological advancements

§  Immigration - the great mix of people who make America what it is

And much, much more.


In addition to learning these important themes of history we will also focus on skill building.  Important critical thinking skills such as:

§  Using evidence to support an argument

§  Analyze and understand cause and effect relationships and what motivates people.

§  A reasonable understanding of the chronology of events

§  Recognizing how point of view shapes each ones understanding of events

§  Interpreting information from map, graphs and charts

§  Seeing connections between current events and past events