• Focus Beyond provides on-site instruction to meet individual student needs, including communication, self-advocacy, employment readiness, career exploration, relationships, post-secondary planning, and much more.

Related Services

  • Focus Beyond offers an array of related special education services, including:

    Speech/language Therapy

    The speech-language pathology team at Focus Beyond offers the following services:

    • Work-based and community-based communication skills training
    • Self-advocacy skills training 
    • Social communication skills training
    • American Sign Language support
    • Evaluation and implementation of augmentative communication systems

    Occupational Therapy


    Physical Therapy


    Educational Audiology

    • Special education team member 
    • Provides specialized assessment and services for students with hearing differences 
    • Assesses impact of hearing differences on spoken language and education
    • Fits, supports and monitors hearing technology to ensure students have full access to spoken language
    • Advocates for students 
    • Educates students, families and staff about hearing differences

    Social Work

    ALL students at Focus Beyond have access to services from social workers who maintain safeguards for the privacy and confidentiality of information. Some students have formal social work as part of their IEP, either direct or indirect service. These services may include crisis intervention, support for social emotional learning, assessing student functioning, consulting with staff and families, providing community resources, consulting and collaborating with community agencies and other mental health professionals to coordinate services, consulting with parents, teachers, and administrators to develop intervention strategies to enhance school success while upholding ethical standards and principles of the Social Work profession.

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

    Focus Beyond Transition Services provides special education and related services to students with a variety of disabilities, including students who are deaf/hard of hearing.  We have a Deaf/Hard of Hearing teacher who is fluent in American Sign Language, as well as certified sign language interpreters.  Students also have access to other related service providers who are fluent in sign language, including a social worker, a speech/language therapist, and an audiologist.  We are also working to secure funding to provide direct ASL language instruction to our emerging signing students via an ASL specialist.

    We have a mandate under IDEA (IDEA Sec. 1414 (d) (3) (B)) to consider opportunities for direct communication and interaction (not through an interpreter) with peers and professionals, meaning DHH students must have access to students and staff who can communicate with them directly and who understand the unique language, learning, culture, and communication factors in the deaf/hard of hearing community.

    Art and Music Therapy

    Creative Arts Therapies are highly specialized arts-based interventions facilitated by credentialed creative arts therapists. Creative arts therapists help people strengthen and use their relationships with The Arts to promote growth in many areas of their lives.

    At Focus Beyond, students in Pathway 1 have the opportunity to attend art and music therapy sessions 2-3 times per week. Our primary focus is to provide students with arts-based experiences that align with their strengths and interests, in which they can engage as independently as possible. 

    We aspire for our students to be intrinsically motivated by and authentically engaged in arts-based experiences. We believe facilitating strong relationships with art and music will encourage students to continue to engage in The Arts in their communities or homes for social connection, leisure, skill-building, and/or work for their whole lives.

    IEP teams at Focus Beyond also work to make appropriate referrals and connections for support and services in the community, especially county case management and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.