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  • PreKindergarten is a full day and a half-day program offering quality early childhood education for four year olds, during their year before Kindergarten. At Global Arts Plus PreKindergarten we aim to provide our students with the foundational academic and social skills to be successful in Kindergarten.

    We believe that the pathways to learning are many and varied. Our students have the opportunity to express their learning and understanding on a daily basis through the arts.

    Our students learn through both active play and structured group times. Conceptual learning is linked directly to the experience of our students and organized in monthly units/areas of study to promote vocabulary development and rich exploration. The daily classroom schedule follows the Early Childhood Workshop model, and is listed below.

    We intentionally arrange the physical space of the classroom to encourage conversations and relationships between children and teachers. We support each child’s natural curiousity and desire to explore, experiment, theorize, and collaborate by offering interesting natural and manufactured materials.

    We have two early childhood classrooms providing rich arts based learning. Classes have a maximum of 20 children.

    1. PreKindergarten Co-Taught Classroom

    AM and PM classes are taught by 2 teachers (1 regular education and 1 special education) and 2 teaching assistants (1 regular education and 1 special education). AM class meets from 9:30am-12:00pm. PM class meets from 1:30-4:00pm. Classes meet 5 days a week.

    2. PreKindergarten Full Day Classroom

    Full-Day PreK has 1 regular education teacher and 1 regular education teaching assistant. This class meets from 9:30 – 4:00pm, 5 days a week.


    All PreK classes follow the same curriculum, “Discovering Our World”. The St. Paul Public Schools PreKindergarten teachers, coaches, parent educators and administrators wrote this curriculum. The units/areas of study are listed below.

    • The First Six Weeks in My New School
    • Exploring Change in My World
    • Being Healthy in Our World
    • Adapting to Our World
    • Helping in Our World
    • Creating and Constructing in Our World
    • Cycles in Our World


girl looking at leaves on a lightbox


  • PreKindergarten teachers can be reached at 651-293-6606 or by email:

    Emma Musachio, PreK teacher (1/2 Day Co-Taught Class)

    Mary Morgan, ECSE teacher (1/2 Day Co-Taught Class)

    Amy Filo, PreK (all-day) teacher

    Molly Tepley, ECSE teacher

Blast off to Kindergarten!

PreK Schedule

  •  AM Class

    9:30 Children arrive
    9:30 Cafeteria/Mealtime
    10:05 Meeting
    10:20 Small Group Lessons
    10:30 Active Learning
    11:30 Regroup to Revisit
    11:40 Bathroom break/prepare for dismissal
    12:00 Dismissal/buses depart

    PM Class

    1:30 Children arrive
    1:30 Cafeteria/Mealtime
    2:05 Meeting
    2:20 Small Group Lessons
    2:30 Active Learning
    3:30 Regroup to Revisit
    3:40 Bathroom Break/Prepare for dismissal
    4:00 Dismissal/buses depart

    Full Day Class

    9:30 Children arrive
    9:30 Cafeteria/Mealtime
    10:00 Meeting
    10:15 Small Group Lessons
    10:30 Active Learning
    11:15 Recess
    11:45 Lunch
    12:30 Rest
    1:00 Small Group Lessons
    1:30 Specialist (Storytelling class)
    2:30 Active Learning/Snack
    3:30 Read Aloud/Recess
    3:45 Regroup
    4:00 Dismissal/buses depart