2nd Grade


    Overview of Grade Level Curriculum – Second Grade

    Reader’s Workshop

    This time starts with a whole group mini lesson then moves to small group instruction time to suit your child’s individual needs. Students will be formally assessed at least three times a year. Books will be sent home for your child to practice daily.


    We will be using the Task, Question, and Evidence process to teach and learn math.  Students will be exploring math concepts and explaining their mathematical thinking with each other.  Part of the second grade math curriculum is to learn basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts. There will be whole group instruction as well as small groups to meet individual needs.

    Writer’s Workshop

    Writing Workshop will happen about three times a week.. This is a time for your child to develop writing skills. We will be using the Common Core Standards to

    guide our instruction. Here are the genres your student will be writing: Expert Books, Small Moment Stories, Product and Place Reviews, Animal Life Cycle Research, Realistic Fiction, Book Recommendations, All About Plant Books, and Poetry.


    We will be using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. It will help children

    learn how to print neatly, giving them more confidence in writing.

    Recess/Physical Education

    Second graders will play at recess daily all year long. Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather in every season.  We will have gym class once a week.  Your child will need tennis shoes on gym days.  


    Second Graders will each have their own ipad that will be used at school.  They will be integrating the use of the ipad throughout the day.  Children will take their ipad home every day.  Please charge the ipad overnight so it is ready to go back to school the next day.

    Social Studies

    Our Social Studies curriculum includes hands-on, interactive projects usually based in literature.  Our themes are civics, economics, geography and Dakota/Ojibwe studies.

Distance Learning Schedule

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    9:30 Morning Meeting and Math

    11:10 Specialist

    12:00 Literacy

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