Special Education Team

  • Our special education team consists of a group of educators that bring a range of experiences and areas of expertise with them to Nokomis Montessori South. We have some team members that spend all or much of their day at Nokomis. We also have several educators that support our Nokomis students and also provide services to students at several other school buildings. All team members collaborate and partner with our Montessori educators to support the learning needs of our students.

    To the right, you will find more information about our staff that spend at least half of their time here at Nokomis Montessori South. Below, is a list of additional team members that support several schools. Each and every team member plays an important role in ensuring our students and their families get the services they need and deserve.

    We have two special education teachers that focus their learning in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)—they lead our ASD program here at Nokomis Montessori South. They, with the support of our teaching assistants, collaborate with several other special education staff to provide individualized services to our students. They also work closely with our Montessori classroom teachers to provide a fluid education for our students.

    On our team we have a speech-language pathologist that provides learning experiences for all of our students that qualify for services in the area of articulation, language processing, voice, or fluency disorders.

    We have a special education teacher that partners with a teaching assistant to provide individualized services to students that qualify for specialized services across a variety of disability areas.

    We also have a school social worker that works with our special education team to support students’ social-emotional learning goals.

    The educators listed below partner with our school-based special education team: 

    • Ann Stewart, School Psychologist
    • Ellen Rochefort, Occupational Therapist
    • Pai Lee, School Nurse
    • Jill Close, Special Education Coach



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