5th Grade Teachers Ms Mena, Ms Kreitzer, Ms Turner, Ms Hernandez, Ms O'Meara, and Mr Yang

5th Grade Team

    Dear 5th graders and their families,

    Welcome to 5th grade at Global Arts Plus Upper. Even though this year looks a lot different, we are looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you. 

    In 5th grade, all the teachers work with all students, so you will get to know and work with all three classroom teachers. Some students will also work with Ms Hernandez our ELL teacher and Ms. O'Meara our special education teacher. 

    We also have a student teacher with us this year Ms Yang from the University of Minnesota.

    We look forward to working with you, 


    Ms. Mena, Ms. Turner, Ms. Kreitzer, Ms Hernandez, Ms O'Meara and Mr Yang

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