E-Learning & Snow Day Info

E-Learning Day!
  • Instructions for E-Learning Day

    Synchronous meetings will be held using the Google Meet app on student iPads.  See codes below.  Lessons will be posted in Seesaw (PreK-2) or Schoology (3-5).  Teachers will be available via e-mail and will e-mail you any other instructions separately.  I am available by email remi.eichten@spps.org all day. If your child receives Special Education services and/or ELL services, your teachers will be in the Google Meet times and/or email you special instructions directly. If you cannot attend, please do not let this cause anxiety. We know E-Learning days can be hard.  The latest iPad software update is OS 16.2, so check in Settings - General - Software Update to see if your child's iPad is up to date (out of date iPad OS software can affect performance & access.)  If students forget their s-number, remind them that it's the same as their 6-digit lunch number with a lowercase "s" in front of it (the default Active Direction (AD) password: 876543 ).  FYI, your student's Apple ID password: Firstname2021!  Here are some useful links for e-Learning Days:

    SPPS One Stop for Families: https://www.spps.org/Page/31224  (i.e. Campus, Schoology, Seesaw, reset/recover password, etc.)

    SPPS Clever Portal: https://www.spps.org/clever   (Clever is used to access all iPad Apps.  Students need their s-number & AD password to get past the login firewall.)


    Schedule for E-Learning Day:

    Morning Meeting -  All Grade Levels   

    9:30 AM

    Afternoon/2nd Google Meet Times

    PreK Lindell - 2:00 PM

    PreK Faltesek - 2:30 PM

    K Bolar Boly- 1:00 PM

    K Stephenson - 2:30 PM

    K Kabeya - 2:00 PM

    1st Rivard - 1:30 PM

    1st Handley- 1:45 PM

    2nd Dubaille- 1:00 PM

    2nd Geimer- 1:00 PM

    3rd Scholl Weinberg- 1:30 PM

    3/4 Swann- 12:30 PM

    4th Gasho - 12:30 PM

    5th Klein - 10:00 AM

    5th Tran - 10:00 AM

    STIMA/iPad Tech Eichten - 12:30 PM


    Google Meet Nicknames (join code)

    PreK Lindell - lnfilindell

    PreK Faltesek - lnfifaltesek

    K Kabeya - lnfikabeya

    K Bolar-Boly - lnfibolarboly

    K Stephenson - lnfistephenson 

    1 Handley - lnfihandley

    1 Rivard - lnfirivard

    2 Geimer - lnfigeimer

    2 Dubaille - lnfidubaille

    3 Scholl/Weinberg - lnfischollweinberg

    3/4 Swann - lnfiswann

    4 Gasho - lnfigasho

    5 Klein - lnfiklein

    5 Tran - lnfitran

    Science - lnfibissoy

    Art - lnfivang

    PE - lnfikaufenberg

    STIMA/iPad Tech - lnfieichten        

    ELL (K-1) - lnfiyusuf

    ELL (2-5) - lnfibozvay

    SPED - lnficaban

    WINN - meet.google.com/xfv-enhx-jbf  or lnfirddad


    Instructions for Snow Day:

    When a snow day is declared it means NO e-learning will take place, so please do not expect lessons or services from staff.  Have fun enjoying the snow! :-)