• Mays PTA seeks to be an active part of the partnership between home and school. For more information on how to become involved, call the school at (651) 325-2400.

    Mays PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Meetings 2019-2020
    • Tuesday, September 10
    • Tuesday, December 10
    • Tuesday, January 14
    • Tuesday, April 14
    • Tuesday, May 12

    All meetings will be held in the Red Atrium from 6:00-7:00. A light dinner and chidcare provided.

    We had a wonderful start to our new school year at our September 10 meeting. We began with general introductions and discussed ways to be involved at Mays, including: upcoming Take Your Parent to School Days, the Fall Festival, and Mays CAFE. We also discussed the Mays open door visiting policy. It was pointed out that you do not need to undergo a background check if you are volunteering in the classroom and supervised by school staff. The school does require background checks for people who volunteer on a regular basis (weekly) or for chaperoning field trips when volunteers will be supervising students. We finished up the evening by writing Hopes & Dreams letters to our students which were delivered to the classroom the next day. What a thrill to receive a letter from mom/dad/grandma at school! This was a great way to share with teachers what we hope for our kids. Please join us at the next PTA meeting Tuesday, Deccember 10, 6:00-7:00 and at Fall Festival and the Mays CAFE in the coming months.

     The PTA is a vital part of Mays and sponsors the following events:

    • Meet & Greet (to ease transition into the new school year)
    • Fall Festival (a celebration of community)
    • Mays CAFE (two CAFE events during the year to focus on partnership between home and school)
    • NAAPID - National African American Parent Involvement Day (parntership building)
    • Scholastic Bookfair (oportunity for parents and teachers to add to their home/school libraries)
    • Staff Appreciation
    • Health Initiatives (such as PowerUp with HealthPartners)
    • Mays Moves (a celebration encouraging families to be active together)

    The purpose of the Benjamin E Mays PTA is to provide a forum where parents, teachers, administrators, and community members can come together to discuss ways to promote quality education, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy school environment.  

    Mission:  Mays PTA is committed to representing and serving the members of our multi-cultural community, welcoming and helping parents, teachers and administrators give our very best for all of our students.  Together we are a powerful voice for children.

    We welcome all parents and staff members! 

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