Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)


    Thanks to all who attended the first PTO meeting of the 2018-19 school year on 9/17!

    Meeting minutes:

    PTO meeting 9/17/18
    Approximately 50 attendees

    Welcome and board introductions- Owen King, PTO chair
    Introduction by Patrick Bryan

    We are seeking a co-chair for the CH PTO board.

    Owen: We are behind as compared to last year in terms of direct drive fundraising. Remember that you will never be asked to pay for individual field trips. All funds go to students and teachers, fund field trips and enrichment. Please donate! And ask if your employer will match your donation so you can double the impact.

    Kristen Cornelius, Treasurer: Budget update

    Hard copies of the budget were passed around. If you would like to request a soft copy, please email the treasurer.

    We have $70K in the bank.

    Fundraising goal for this year is $86,800.
    Breakdown of spending last year was provided (see budget sheet).
    Every $ goes back into the classroom. We are only at $6K for our direct drive this year and need to ramp things up. We are trying to be completely transparent about how the money gets spent, so we will be putting budget requests through a decision making and voting process.
    Budget request form is available for parents to submit a request for funds. If it’s under $500 the board votes, if over $500 it will be voted on at the next PTO meeting.
    A vote was held to approve use of the budget request form. The motion was approved.
    Contact the Treasurer mailbox with any questions at

    Owen: What do we do with the surplus funds?
    We want to reduce the surplus and spend it on the kids. Keeping enough as a cushion.
    Surplus funds in past years went to portable band shells, a full size tepee for Rendezvous, STEM materials etc.
    Deadline for funding requests is October 1. A vote to approve will be held in November. We are looking to fund something that will last a few years rather than just be a one time use.

    Katie Moore, 4th grade teacher: STEM materials request
    Did Maker Space last year and bought $200 worth of STEM materials for each classroom, for hands on learning in elementary school. Teachers will use them for math, science, creative writing etc.
    Patrick Bryan:
    Katie and another teacher pitched the Maker Space idea 4 yearsago and it really came to fruition last year. It was in use throughout the year by kids in various grades. The materials purchased will continue to be used year after year.
    We have 1300 students and just shy of 40% students in poverty. We try to fundraise for each and every child so no child misses out on learning and experiences. This is the important WHY of our fundraising, to level the playing field.

    Andy Mork, art teacher, kiln funding request:
    50 years of combined experience for the two art teachers. The kiln they have been using is on its last legs. Kilns are used to fire clay projects created by the students. The clay must be fully dry before firing. An electric kiln is essential for the projects to be durable. All clay is recycled.
    A kiln allows us to be collaborative and cooperative and we also allow Ben Mays teachers to use our kiln. It empowers 800 artists. SPPS does the installation.
    If we don’t get a kiln we would have to go to another school’s kiln or we could lose the clay work activity altogether. This will be a long time legacy.
    Request is for $2600 approximately.
    Request was approved by a vote.

    Mr. Mork: We need people to volunteer for cooking instruction for Voice, Choice and Joy day. It was a big hit last year and VCJ Day is an amazing day each year. Can you help? The kids enjoy all kinds of cooking. Last year Mr. Mork made chocolate chip cookies with the kids. If interested, contact the PTO chair or Mr. Mork.

    Plans are afoot for movie night. We learned some lessons from last year and hope to have a more efficient, streamlined experience this year.
    We need volunteers and ideas. We need to help create a better middle-school experience this time.
    We missed Title 1 funding by 13 students last year. Please complete the forms for nutritional services. The deadline is October 1 so help us get that funding restored. Federal title 1 spending and state compensatory funding.

    Patrick Bryan: We will have a concerted effort to have all the nutritional services forms completed and turned in. By doing so we may be able to restore Title 1 funding to the school again for next year. 

    Yvonne Anderson:
    We are looking for someone to take over the PTO directory this year. Time commitment is about an hour a month.

    Art Adventure needs volunteers! This year the kids will get to see the special exhort on Egypt ‘s sunken cities, a rare opportunity.

    Kelly Chapman asked for a co-planner for the silent auction, tentatively slated for February. Can you help? The silent auction is a wonderful community event that brings parents together. The focus is on offering experiences rather than goods- movie screenings, beer tastings, Indian dinner, Vietnamese dinner, Korean dinner, a trip to Dodge Nature Center, whatever you can think of! 

    Please help Kelly organize the gathering and think of an event or events you can donate. 

    Please contact the PTO chair with all questions and comments about this meeting.


Support the PTO

  • Ways you can support PTO and get a tax deduction.

    Our goal is to make fundraising simple, flexible, and budget friendly for all families. 

    The more we are able to raise funds through direct donations, the fewer fundraiser events we must host; therefore freeing our time and efforts to support the school and students with more educational services and experiences.  

    1. Direct Drive - Our annual drive to gather donations directly! Contributions may be made by check or through using your credit card by clicking here. 100% of the dollars raised go directly to support teachers and students at Capitol Hill. 
    2. Volunteer opportunities - PTO supports various events throughout the year that need volunteers. Please click here to see a list of current volunteer spots that are available.  If you are interested but do not know how to help or if you have an idea of your own, email us!