Multi-Factor Authentication Information

  • Okta MFA Enrollment 

    What is Okta? 

    Okta is the chosen security provider for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for SPPS. For staff to be successful logging in to SPPS email or applications, whether on premises or off, we recommend that you enroll a device* that you can routinely access.  

    *A device can be a laptop, smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer that you can access on a regular basis.

    Why do I need more than one authentication device? 

    With Multi-Factor Authentication, it is important to have more than one option available to provide a backup authentication option. If a person only has one authentication device setup, then to access SPPS resources, the user must have that device. If a user enrolls in Okta Verify on a computer at school and they need to access email from home or a different location without a second enrolled device, authentication and access will not be possible. This is why we also recommend enrolling a mobile device, which allows the user to authenticate remotely when necessary. 

    How do I set up my devices with Okta? 

    To have the most flexibility, we recommend each user complete the following steps (if you have not already done so):  

    1. Enroll your PC or MacBook with Okta Verify 
      1. Link to Macbook instructions
        Link to Macbook instructional video
      2. Link to PC instructions
        Link to PC instructional video

    2. Enroll your second factor (iPad, Cell Phone or YubiKey) 
      1. Link to iPad & Mobile Phone instructions
      2. Link to iPad & Mobile Phone video instructions

    3. Using a cell phone as an authentication method allows a user to more easily authenticate and access SPPS email or apps from anywhere. If you wish to continue using SPPS email on your cell phone after November 15, 2023, you will need to install Okta Verify. If you don't want to use your personal phone and don't have two district-issued devices, (MacBook and iPad) you may request a YubiKey. Please note, YubiKeys are in limited supply and your request does not automatically grant access to a YubiKey
      1. Link to YubiKey request process

    (Please Note: you will not be able to access your SPPS email on a personal cell phone without using Okta Verify beginning November 15, 2023)

    ** If you are only issued a district iPad, we recommend that you enroll both your iPad and Mobile phone (or YubiKey). **