Marissa McClure

  • Hello! 

    Here's a snippet about me:

    Who am I?

    School Counselor (7th year), 1st year with SPPS 

    Mother of a toddler, Cael, and one on the way! (March 23rd, 2024)

    Married to Taner who is currently deployed but will be back Nov. 2023!

    Army National Guard Soldier, CPT, BN S1 for 1-194 Armor Regiment

    Cat lover, Taylor Swiftie, Vikings Fan, Outdoor adventurer, Board Game Competitor, Sports junkie


    What do I love most about school counseling?

    Advocating students' mental health every single day! 

    Teaching students about their brain, coping skills, and other SEL techniques

    Being able to provide services to all children at school and build better humans


    Please contact me with any questions or concerns, or if you feel your child could use additional support in any of these areas. I'm here to help! 

    Marissa McClure, Licensed School Counselor

    (651) 744-7431





Marissa McClure