5th Grade

  • 5th Graders

    Welcome to 5th grade :) 

    We are excited to share this year with you! Our year will start with a dive into learning about the indigenous nations of the Americas and their complex societies, and we will visit several sacred sites of the Dakota, including the B'Dote, where the two rivers meet. 

    We will learn mathematics through the TQE model (Task, Question, Evidence) and deepen conceptual understanding with hands-on materials and experiences. 5th graders as writers write long and strong, with editing and revising along the way. Our digital biography unit will take us through learning about extraordinary agents of change, where we will bring what we have learned about them into a website, a museum in a box, and a living wax museum.

    5th graders will learn about early American history, its conflicts, development, the structure of our government, and its principles of democracy and the Constitution, ending with a Mock Trial at Ramsey County Courthouse. It's a year packed with experiences to reach all of our learners, and we are excited to be their guides!

    We have five 5th grade teachers at Capitol Hill: Sally Bickford, John Mayock, Razia Shariff, Terry Wylie (welcome to our newest member!), and Denise Young. Please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher for any and all questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to our partnership as we launch a new year of learning. 

    Sally Bickford  (sally.bickford@spps.org)
    John Mayock   (john.mayock@spps.org)
    Razia Shariff   (razia.shariff@spps.org)
    Terry Wylie     (terry.wylie@spps.org)
    Denise Young  (denise.young@spps.org)

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    5th Graders

    5th Graders