Our Principal

  • Dr. Karen Duke

    The Saint Anthony Park Elementary School community is led by principal Karen Duke.

    Dr. Duke grew up in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood and attended this school as a child.  She has worked for St. Paul Public Schools for over 25 years as a teacher of English language, a staff developer, and an administrator. Prior to Saint Anthony Park, she served as principal at Randolph Heights Elementary and mentored new principals and assistant principals throughout the district.

    To contact Dr. Duke directly, call 651-293-8735 or email her at karen.duke@spps.org

  • March 25, 2019

    Dear St. Anthony Park Families, 

    It was great to see so many families at conferences last week. Thanks for coming to talk about your child’s progress with their teacher. 

    We had a fun Read-a-Thon celebration on Thursday, March 21.  The students surpassed their goal of 300,000 minutes; they read over 420,000!  As promised, I hosted a pie-eating contest for the staff.  We had six contestants, Mr. Schrankler as the judge, and Mr. Funk as the announcer.  Somehow, at the end, all the pie ended up on me!  It was a great time, and, more importantly, you all raised over $12,000 for our school.  Your donations will be put to good use on field trips, artists-in-residence, special classroom materials and equipment, and much more.  Thank you! 

    Spring is here, which means starting to talk about next year, which means planning the budget.  WE will receive our allocations from the school district in the next couple of weeks, and our Site Council and I will be setting up meetings to give you a chance to hear about our budget situation.  SAPSA and Site Council have also collected over 200 responses to our parent/guardian survey, and will soon be sharing the results with you.  Your responses will help guide planning for family events next year and also budget and program planning.  Thanks to everyone who completed the survey! 

    Spring also means warm sun, a muddy playground, and MCA tests!  Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will take the MCA tests between April 16-May 2 (teachers will provide you with exact dates).  In preparing students for the tests, we tell them it’s really important to show what they know.  However, too much emphasis on performance will make some students really nervous, and we want to avoid that.  If your child is overly anxious, it might be helpful to tell them that the tests just give the teachers information about how we are doing and what we need to teach better.  Also, I often tell students to remember that the tests are purposefully made super hard so no one can get all the answers right.  That seems to comfort those really high achievers.

    Many of you have asked about the fence around the field area in Langford Park.  That area will be fenced off through the spring and summer in order to let the new grass establish itself.  That area gets used heavily, so we want to be sure the grass can withstand all the traffic.  The school picnic will return in the autumn of 2019, when we will invite all families to join us for lunch with the students out on the lawn. 

    The next two months will be busy, with a lot of fun activities and learning.  The staff will also start planning for next year’s professional development, classroom placements, and much more.  Spring is always busy around SAP – a very exciting time.  I hope to see you around!

    Remember, contact me any time with questions or concerns. 


    Karen Duke, Principal