American Indian Education Program

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  • The American Indian Education Program, offered through the Saint Paul Public Schools District 625, is in existence to preserve and present the unique political, sovereign, cultural, traditional, and spiritual values of American Indian Nations through Education.

    Services Offered

    • Cultural Enrichment
    • Social Work
    • Chemical Use Prevention
    • Post Secondary Planning Program
    • In-Service for School Staff
    • Events

    To find out if your student is eligible to receive these services, please contact the American Indian Education Program, or review the eligibility requirements below.

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  • Eligibility Guidelines

  • Johnson-O'Malley Program

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  • SPPS Indian Education

    Indian Education Program
    65 E. Kellogg Blvd
    Saint Paul, MN, 55102
    Phone: 651-293-5191
    Fax: 651-293-5193

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