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    What is PAC?
    PAC is an informal group of parents, guardians and community members who meet 5 times per year. Our goal is to support the whole Central community. We do this by raising and distributing funds, occasionally organizing parent volunteers, and finding ways to show our appreciation of Central’s staff.

    How does PAC raise money?
    Twice a year, we send a letter to all Central parents and guardians asking for donations. This is our only fundraiser. You can also donate through our GiveMN website page; please check it out at If your bank uses popmoney, you can also email money directly to PAC at Thanks again to all past and future donors. Your money is well spent.

    How are PAC funds distributed?
    Central faculty and staff make requests of PAC, and we approve or decline those requests at meetings with guidance from Central administrators. Typically, PAC funds over 30 requests from teachers per year. PAC funds have paid for things like student planners, bus tokens for students who stay after school for tutoring, new bike racks, signs around the school and many essential classroom materials like: foreign language material subscriptions, art supplies, document cameras, and white boards. PAC also pays for meals and treats for Central staff during conferences throughout the school year.

    Why should I go to a PAC meeting?

    • find out what’s going on at Central 
    • share ideas & provide input on how PAC money is spent 
    • meet other parents and members of the Central community 
    • hear the Principal report from Interim Principal, Dr. George Nolan

    2019– 2020 PAC Meetings (all start at 7:00 pm in the Office conference room)

    • January 13, 2020
    • February 3, 2020
    • March 2, 2020
    • April 6, 2020

    The PAC co-chairs during 2019-2020 will be Pamela Johnson - Tess Benrud (12), Faith Dietz - Gabby Dietz (12), and Haidee Zobenica - Harrison Ash (11). Our trusted Treasurer is Gretchen Tieder - Henry (12) and Helen (12). Feel free to contact us either by email or leave a note in the PAC mailbox at Central.

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Funding Request Form

  • The Central PAC provides small grants (up to $500) to teachers and staff for educational materials that are not covered by the school's budget or departmental fundraising. We are particularly interested in funding requests that will help close the opportunity/achievement gap or that help improve the general experience of all students. 

    NOTE: PAC does not fund requests for professional development. PAC also does not directly fund requests for bus transportation, but has provided a grant to the school that could be used for field trip busing. To request use of those funds, please contact Dr. Nolan.

    If your funding request is for more than $500 and outside of the traditional funding requests, please click here for the Larger Funding Request Form and information.