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  • Saint Anthony Park Elementary Site Council

    The Site Council brings together school staff members, parents/guardians, and community members to support site based decision making and increase academic outcomes for all students.  St Anthony Park Elementary values parents/guardians and other community members as active partners in supporting the success of our students. Participating in Site Council is a way that parents/guardians and community members can learn what is happening in their school and influence decisions by reviewing funding, policies, practices and programs at our school.

    Site Council values the perspectives of all parents/guardians and works to ensure a diversity of ideas and input. We believe that by working together we can build a strong community that supports the academic achievement of all our students. This is done by:

    • Hosting monthly meetings where parents/guardians can learn what is going on “behind the scenes” from the school principal.
    • Providing advice and feedback to the principal on school decisions.
    • Assisting with the dissemination of information on school and district-wide issues and happenings, such as the budget, enrollment, referendums, and other initiatives.
    • Actively seeking a variety of perspectives to ensure that the school is addressing the needs of students from different communities and backgrounds.
    • Hosting information and feedback sessions on important school topics, such as the budget and enrollment.
    • Assisting with other events that provide information or promote the school, such as the SPPS Parent Information Fair.

    Although Site Council members generally attend meetings regularly so as to have a broader perspective, visitors are welcome to attend meetings. Site Council meets the second Tuesday of each month, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. If you would like to propose an agenda item, please contact Principal Duke 24 hours ahead of time.

    Principal Karen Duke

    Site Council members serve as a sounding board for Dr Duke as well as a resource for other members of the school community.  Are you looking for more in-depth information or to address an issue of interest? Please feel free to approach us for information, ask questions or attend a meeting to raise a concern.


    Site Council Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Site Council?

    Site Council is a group consisting of parents/guardians and community members who meet once a month to learn about and advise the principal on things happening at the school, to learn what is happening in their school, and to influence decisions by reviewing funding, policies, practices and programs.

    Why should I join my school’s Site Council?

    In order for a principal to make choices that serve the students, their parents and the school staff, your voice is critical to ensure the principal has necessary information to make decisions that benefit the school community. As a parent, community member or school staff member, you help bring a unique view to the table and your thoughts are essential to the deliberation of issues.  

    What is the structure of the Site Council?

    The Site Council has a very informal structure. Anyone is welcome to be a member and the only expectation is that you regularly attend meetings. There is no limit on the number of members. Site Council meetings are led by a parent chairperson and the principal, and another person takes notes.

    How do Site Councils work to build a sense of community?

    Through discussion and sharing of ideas, concerns and solutions, members of the Site Council work together to improve the school and students’ success and achievement. Site Council communicates to other parents, staff members and community members what the Council is discussing in order to gather as many viewpoints as possible.

    What should I expect at a Site Council meeting?

    At each meeting, the Site Council will review the previous month’s work, hear updates from the principal, and discuss at least one major issue. If applicable, each meeting will end with the creation of an action group that will do work in between meetings and report back at the next month’s meeting. This could include work on promoting a referendum, soliciting feedback from the wider community, planning information meetings, etc.


    Spring Survey Results

    In the spring of 2017, Site Council sent an all school email to families, hoping to identify common positives and priorities within our school community.  The results would be used to both inform Site Council and Principal Johnson of what we are doing well and what we could improve upon, particularly as we set our budget.

    Survey Results

    In the spring of 2018, Site Council revisited last year's survey, and reframed it into two targeted questions. 

    Feedback April 2018

    Budget FAQs

    The budget can be confusing, so here are some questions that are often asked, and some answers. We hope to be transparent and open during the budgeting process.

    Budget FAQs



2018-19 Site Council Members

  • Site Council Members for 2018-2019

    • Sarah Alvarado (parent)
    • Faiza Aziz (parent)
    • Tammy Albrecht (parent)
    • Grace Bell (parent)
    • Robby Callahan Schreiber (parent)
    • Angela Anderson (parent)
    • Annie Hanson (parent)
    • Andrea Kisch (parent)
    • Samantha Snyder (parent)
    • Grace Bell Herman (parent)
    • Andrew McNattin (parent)
    • Christine Melko (parent)
    • Lauren Renner (parent)
    • Jennifer Voegele (2nd and 5th grade)
    • Matt Crosby (teacher)
    • Julie Lime (teacher)
    • Courtney Moriarty (St. Paul Parks and Rec-Langford Park manager)
    • Karen Duke (Principal and 3rd grade parent)

    Monthly Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month from 5-6 p.m.