School Counseling Services

  • Saint Paul School Counselors promote the personal, social, career, and academic growth and development of Pre-K-12 students.  Our school counseling program curriculum is a standards based integrated component of the educational agenda of the school.  Comprehensive school counseling programs, designed to meet the needs of all students, are a collaborative effort.  Specifically, school counselors engage a multitude of stakeholders (i.e. parents, teachers, administrators, students and community partners) to support student success.  

    Occasionally, a student may feel a need for extra support.  Counselors help students when they have problems with worries, sadness, bullying, schoolwork, home, and other issues.  If a student needs someone to talk to about a problem or concern, please call or encourage them to speak with our Counselor, Ms. Berkas.  She is here to help your student get the most out of their school experience at Benjamin E. Mays IB World School.

    Her services can include individual counseling and/or group counseling for family change, anger management, grief and loss, friendships and social relationships, self-concept, classroom behavior and referrals to community resources and partnerships.  

    Here at Benjamin E. Mays IB World School, our counselor provides service to students in grades K-5.  


    * By law, what students, staff, and parents say to us is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL except if you say you will hurt yourself or someone else, you are being hurt by someone else, or you have a medical emergency.