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Mr. Sutton

I have been at Benjamin E Mays IB World School for fifteen years. The whole time here at Mays has been as a science specialist. As a science teacher I have always emphasized the idea of connection; that it is important to find the connections between the various aspects of life. It is that idea of connection that has me most excited about teaching fifth grade this year. I have developed a set of beliefs that will help students become life long learners.

Here is what I know

  1. I was not a perfect student and I don't expect you to be.
  2. We all learn differently. This year I hope you will help me understand how you learn best.
  3. Spelling well and reading fast make learning easier, but they have nothing to do with intelligence. I will help you become better spellers and readers, but intelligence is much more complex. Some of the best thinkers struggled with school skills. Please don't get discouraged if some skills are hard for you. It does not mean that you are stupid (at all). This year we will try to identify some strategies to make schoolwork less frustrating.
  4. Tell me if you are struggling. Effort can often be invisible. I wish I had a crystal ball, but I don't. Let me know if I assign something that feels overwhelming. That way, we can create effective supports or craft a workaround plan together.
  5. Sometimes I go too fast. I get too excited or ambitious or impatient. When I do, remind me to slow down. Everyone in the class will appreciate it, including me.
  6. If you think I am not listening to you, not hearing you, or talking over you tell me.
  7. I look forward to finding out what gets you up in the morning (besides your alarm). What are your dreams inside and outside of school? Let's try to connect them. That is where you will find the joy in learning.
  8. Everyone has things about themselves they should be proud of; share those things.
  9. Have the courage to ask for help, have the grace to give help when asked.
  10. Approach school with Peace, Order, and Discipline

Mr Sutton

Fifth grade teacher

Benjamin E Mays IB World School