Dear 4th Graders,

    4th Grade Video

    Please share this video with your kids!

    Tomorrow, April 6, Distance Learning begins in earnest! Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Tennison and I have released your school work on Schoology for the week. Assignments for the week are due on Friday, April 10.

    We will be available every day for questions and help with work. Feel free to send emails or comments on Schoology and we will respond. 

    Each day students are expected to complete the Morning Meeting task. If they complete that task each day they will be considered present at school for that day. All other work is due by Friday, April 10.

    This week the students have the following content area to complete work in:

    Word Sorts, Math, Reading and Writing

    The district sent this blurb about online learning:

    The following content is for educational purposes only. By accessing this material, I agree not to share this content with anyone not enrolled in the class or assisting an enrolled student. Unauthorized distribution of any distance learning content, including sharing video recordings or screenshots on the internet or social media, is strictly prohibited.


    We look forward to learning in this new way together,

    Pratt - Tennison - Hausman