• Hello 4th Grade Families,

    Note to Parents

    We had a great first week back at school! Thank you for preparing your children to be COVID safe at school! They are expert mask wearers:)


    If you have been picking your child up at school you have noticed that we are not outside until 2 or shortly after. Hopefully, you have been able to adapt your after school plan to the later time. The kids are getting faster at getting their things on after their Specialist but they are in class until 1:55.

    An individual snack is fine to bring to school. It will be eaten outside during our second recess each day. Student’s are responsible for bringing their own snack and will not be allowed to share.

    You will hear from us often and we are happy to hear from you. Our prep time is 1:05-1:55 if you need to talk to us or feel free to email anytime: rebecca.tennison@spps.org,​ jessica.pratt@spps.org,​ nancy.hausman@spps.org

    Thank you for all of your support as we ​NAVIGATE ​through this crazy year!


              LANGUAGE ARTS

    •   Reader’s Workshop: poetic word choice, imagery, rhythm, metaphor, simile and personification

    •   Writer’s Workshop: List Poems, Diamante, Acrostic


    •   4 - equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions on a number line, Fraction Word Problems, Review for Test, Fraction Test Thursday, Fraction Project

    •   3 - Fraction Projects, Fraction Review and Test


    •   4 - Midwest Cropduster Tour: Farmland, Ford’s Assembly Line, The Mall of America, Gateway Arch, Dodge City, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, Soo Lock, O’Hare, Wrigley Field

    •   3 - Economics: cost and benefits, decision making, income and expenses