Note to Parents

    Ms. Davies, the school counselor, comes to teach three units in our classrooms each year.  In the fall, we talked about bully prevention and this time we are learning about our values, culture and doing some career exploration.  

    This weekend the 4th graders have a simple assignment from Ms Davies, which is to talk about what they have been learning during the counselor lessons. Don't be surprised if your child asks you some interesting questions over dinner or in the car about such things as whether, for you, being popular or famous is more important than helping others. We hope this activity helps extend student learning and is fun for all!

    Upcoming Events

    • Hat Day - January 31
    • NAAPID - February 10
    • Children’s Theater, “Three Little Birds” February 21


    Reading: AMAZE books, reading and responding to prompts

    Writing: Research Project Introduction: note taking on a midwest state, creating a slideshow 


    • Fractions and Decimals

    Social Studies

    The Midwest:

    • Studying a state in the midwest
    • Label Midwest States and Capitals on a practice map
    • qqq