Wonderings May 14 - 18

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     Note to Parents  

                The 4th graders are in leading the Memorial Day Program this year. They have chosen the part they would like to play in the program and have begun to write their scripts. Plan to attend the assembly on the morning of Friday, May 25.

                We will also have an end of the year performance of “The Fourth Grade in Revue” on Wednesday, June 6. You are invited to a portfolio review in our rooms at 8:30 and a performance in the lunch room immediately following at 9:15.

                We will take our final Regional States and Capitals quiz of the West this week and then it is time to review the whole country. The final test will be near the end of May. Happy Studying!

     Upcoming Dates:

    Fort Snelling – May 21

    Journey to the Falls – May 23

    Language Arts

    Literacy: Journey to the Falls booklet, FAST Reading Testing

    Memorial Day group work


    • Introducing Rates
    • Solving Rate Problems
    • Converting Between Rates
    • Comparison Shopping

    Social Studies

    • West: Western Mining, The Decline of Salmon, Tourism in the Hawaiian Islands
    • Mapping Mexico