Note to Parents

    Please let us know how you plan to pay for the 4th grade Special Events.


    Our first School-Wide Spirit Days are this Wednesday, October 23 - Unity Day - Wear Orange to support Anti-bullying and Thursday, October 24 - Sports Day - Wear favorite sports team colors or jerseys.

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    Upcoming Events:

    • Conference Prep Day

    October 26 - no school

    • Public Library Visit
    • Art Institute Tour - Wednesday, November 6


    Reading: making predictions, making inferences and connections

    Writing: Realistic Fiction Stories: “Show, Don’t Tell”, dialogue and drafting


    • Points, Line Segments and Rays
    • Constructing Angles, Triangles and Quadrangles
    • Rotations and Angles

    Social Studies

    • Map Skills: The Northeast: states and capitals practice map, geography challenge, tour sites in the northeast, types of government discussion