Multilingual Learning: English for Emerging Bilingual Students

  • Welcome to St. Anthony Park's page for Emerging Bilingual students learning English! We serve about 90 students who have a language other than English included in their background. Multilingual Learning services in St. Paul are provided via collaboration between general education teachers, paraprofessionals, the MLL teacher and other specialists.

    Thank you!

    Our annual Fall Festival was a great success. Thank you to the parent(s) who donated the lovely National Geographic Kids World Atlas to our ELL classroom!

    About Us

    Learn about your English teacher, if there are teacher candidates, and Educational Assistant. Learn also about others who help make our school and district a great place to learn and grow.

    Eligibility for English Language Support

    You've received a letter! Information on how St. Paul and Minnesota determine who is eligible for ELL services, or support learning English.