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    Counseling Department HoursCounseling Dept.  


    Students and Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


    Counselors will be available to meet with students and parent(s)/guardian(s), in regards to schedules, on the following days:


    Tuesday, August 28th-Thursday, August 30th from 7:30 AM-2:00 PM. 


    Please call Lisa Mills at 651-744- 3067 or email your child's assigned counselor to make an appoint for schedule request. Any walk-ins will not be guaranteed a meeting. 


    9th- michael.grant@spps.org

    10th- ashley.kronwall@spps.org

    11th- choua2.vang@spps.org

    12th- emily.jacobson@spps.org

    Academy of Finance 10th-12th- kia.thao@spps.org




  • The CPHS Counseling team offers a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the three domains of student development: Academic, College/Career, and Personal/Social.

    Specific services include:

    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling
    • Crisis Support
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Academic Support and Planning
    • Post-Secondary Planning
  • Notice to Families about Counselor Assignments Changing SY18-19

    The Counseling Department is excited to announce that starting the 2018-2019 school year we will be moving to a grade level counseling model. Academy of Finance counselors already follow this model so their system will not be changing.  Each counselor will start with an entire grade as their caseload next year and we will follow that grade through graduation, before looping back to 9th grade. 

    This change will allow alpha counselors to focus on the important developmental, academic, and post-secondary milestones of a specific grade level, and will allow counselors to serve Como students more comprehensively.


    Next year the counselors for each grade level will be:

    9th grade - Michael Grant

    10th grade - Ashley Kronwall 

    11th grade - Choua Vang

    12th grade - Emily Jacobson


    Academy of Finance counselor will change as follows:

    9th grade AOF - Michael Grant

    10th grade AOF - Kia Thao

    11th grade AOF - Kia Thao 

    12th grade AOF - Kia Thao




    Request for Student Records

    Please send request for student records or transcripts for current students to lisa.mills@spps.org. Please include the students name, with any necessary spelling, DOB and year they attended or current grade. Transcript requests that are one (1) or more years older should be requested from our Student Placement Center at (651)632-3700.


    ACT/SAT Registration

    Como Park Senior High School's ACT/SAT registration and College Application High School Code is 242280.

  • Leaving Como? 

    Complete this Withdrawal Form, and turn it in to your counselor.

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