Science and Engineering 2020-2021

Flask and microscope
  • Students at St. Anthony Park receive a well-rounded, hands-on, inquiry based science and engineering experience.  Students in grades K-3 attend Science and Engineering class every fourth school day and students in grades 3-5 attend Science and Engineering class every third school day with Mr. Schrankler.  This year students in grades K-3 will also attend an Active Inquiry class every fourth day which is taught by Ms. Walsh.  Experiences in the lab address the state standards and give students numerous opportunities to work above the standard through teacher and student directed investigations.  

    Link to 2020-2021Units:  2020-2021 Science and Engineering Units

    Family Science Nights:  Families of children in grades 1-3 have the opportunity to  participate in Family Science Nights.  These event filled evenings include experiences for children to visit hands on stations and participate in whole group activities.
    To Be Determined at a later date

    Science Fair:  Students in grades 3-5 participate in the annual St. Anthony Park Science Fair.  Investigations are designed by students as they carry out a scientific investigation on a particular area of interest.  Students benefit from the individual feedback given by evaluators and experiencing a self directed investigation from start to finish.
    Format and Date to be determined at a later date

    Environmental Experiences:  Students are able to apply science in the field as they participate in a number of outdoor science learning experiences.  These trips range from 1- day trips to week-long overnight experiences. 

    Gr. 3-5 Visit Valley Branch Environmental Learning Center in Afton for one-day experiences. (currently pending)
    Gr. 5 Participates in a week-long environmental overnight experience at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center located in Northern Minnesota. (currently pending)

    Community Connections:  The location of St. Anthony Park enables students to have unique experiences through ties to the University of Minnesota.  Students take annual trips to the Physics Circus, Chemistry programs and the Raptor Center.
    Please feel free to stop by the science lab to check out what the young scientists are currently investigating.


    Mr. Schrankler  (Gr. K-5 Science and Engineering)    


SAP Science Fair

  • Gr. 3-5


    The Science Fair Format and Date will be Updated later this Fall.