About Galtier Community School

Front of Galtier Community School
  • From video projects on iPads to interactive art displays at a local coffee shop, our students experience the future of education, today. Through our “Learning Studios” students can be grouped by skill level rather than grade level − offering a unique classroom environment for collaboration. Our large media center, the “Exploratorium,” provides a hands-on approach to technology and creativity. This unique, recently renovated school environment helps shape personalized learning, and instructors in science, physical education, and art collaborate with classroom teachers to provide instruction tailored for each student. Students are challenged to show they understand what they’ve learned through iPads, acting, drawing, presentations and more. Galtier also offers literacy support to help students reach their reading goal. A deeply dedicated staff and strong sense of community help our students stay engaged, all within a warm, caring atmosphere. 

    Galtier Elementary School, in the historic Midway area of Saint Paul, provides the setting for our dynamic learning community.

    Our location at the midpoint between downtown Saint Paul and Minneapolis provides our students with the wealth of resources that only an urban educational experience can offer. At Galtier, the academic program focuses on developing highly literate mathematicians and scientists.  Students learn critical thinking skills through hands on learning activities. Galtier staff have been empowered by professional development provided by the Reading First Grant and the Project for Academic Excellence. Research based Balanced Literacy instruction is expertly delivered by highly trained and dedicated staff in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops.

    Achieving excellence together!

    Mission Statement:
    Educate, inspire, and empower a community of lifelong learners in an environment of respect for all

    Vision Statement:
    Galtier Community School is a school of excellence that promotes high academic achievement, encourages independent thinking, and empowers all students to be successful in a global community.

    Galtier Community School Offers:

    • Technology integration throughout the building
    • Smartboard, a built in speaker system, microphones, and multi-media
    • Pre-Kindergarten half day (morning & afternoon sessions)
    • All day kindergarten
    • School uniforms
    • Specialist classes (Science, Art, & Physical Education)
    • Extended Day Learning Program (twice a week)
    • Community Volunteers (reading & math)
    • Minnesota Reading Corp Tutoring Program (K-3)
    • America Reads Tutoring Program (University of Minnesota)

    Galtier is proud to partner with:

    Pathway: Galtier --> Murray --> Como Park Senior

Facts About Our School

    • Grade Levels: Pre K to 5
    • Enrollment:  231
    • School Hours: 9:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
    • Uniforms: Yes
    • Average Class Size: 18
    • Teaching Staff: Approximately 48% of faculty members have advanced degrees
    • Specialists: Science, Art, Physical Education, Instrumental Music
    • English Language Learner Program (ELL): Yes


    • More than 100 computers with wireless Internet connections
    • Three wireless mobile laptop carts
    • One high-tech computer lab with a Smartboard and digital projector
    • Smartboards in each classroom with advanced teacher stations equipped with built-in speakers, teacher and student microphones and flat-screen televisions

    Students Who Identify As:

    • American Indian 1%
    • Asian American 15%
    • African American 61%
    • Hispanic American 12%
    • Caucasian American 11%

    Students Who Qualify For:

    • Special Education 9.6%
    • Free and Reduced Lunch 88.5%
    • English Language Learning 29%

    2013 MCA II Student Proficiency:

    • Grade 3 reading test 33%
    • Grade 3 math test 50%
    • Grade 4 reading test 9%
    • Grade 4 math test 23%
    • Grade 5 reading test 54%
    • Grade 5 math test 46%

    *Student assessment data -- Spring 2014. 
    *Student demographic data – Fall 2014.