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Ms. Wright

Hello! Welcome to Visual Arts at Global Arts Plus, Lower Campus!

      My name is Elisabeth “Betsy” Wright, and I teach Visual Arts at Global Arts Plus.  Students call me Ms. Wright. I am proud to say this is my twelfth year with our school. Happy 2020-2021 School Year!

      I am excited to see and work with student artists this year.  Students are WHY I do what I do.  We will have a variety of art experiences to construct and build our understanding of the world, and will use the soon to be adopted Minnesota Standards in the Arts to guide our work.   Create Perform Respond Connect are the areas of learning.

I believe that art is a response to the world.  It is an individual representation of thinking.  So outcomes may vary.  We will use this as our framework, and use the question "What Do You Notice?"  to help build our thinking, which is the first step in the Critical Response Protocol.  We will use this protocol to develop critical thinking skills, and to build understanding in the material.  I want my students to be able to "Own Their Learning", and build their independence in the learning process. 

My goals are to teach children to develop art-making skills, learn to think, work collaboratively as a team, make connections, and to be lifelong learners.  I want collaboration and teaming to support our learning both online in Distance Learning and if/when we return to In Person Learning.  Please help each other be successful by reaching out to others you know if you have questions, or if you can offer support for the best learning experience.  It is important for us to lean on each other as needed to support the whole.  Thank you for your partnership in this team approach.  

In Distance Learning, Kindergarten-4th grade students have art five days in a row in each arts area to develop depth in understanding, concentration, ownership in learning, and skills. The classes will be Synchronous for the beginning of the school year.  Each class will have a Google Meet at the regularly scheduled class time.  The Google Meets will be Whole Group instruction time. 

Arts classes will meet live on Google Meet each day at their scheduled specialist time at the beginning of the year.  Here is the time each grade level is scheduled for specialists:

Grade 4:  10:20

Grade 3:  11:15

Kindergarten:  12:40

Grade 2:  1:35

Grade 1:  2:30

  • Daily Google Meets will be posted on specialist Seesaw (K-3)/Schoology (4).  NOTE:  Specialists have their own Seesaw Classes this year.
  • This time will be spent connecting through the arts, building relationships, and helping students gain skills to become independent learners in the arts.
  • As the year progresses and students become more independent learners, students will have more asynchronous learning time and less synchronous during their arts specialist classes.

Thank you for being at Global Arts Plus!

Ms. Wright (she/her/hers)

Thank you!