Principal's Corner

Principal Stacy Theien-Collins
  • Hello, my name is Stacy Theien-Collins. I am proud to be the principal of Murray Middle School. I am so lucky to be a member of this wonderful learning community. Collectively, our staff, parents, community members and students make this a great place!

    With 27 years in education, I have had many roles including special education teacher, special education coordinator, and administrator for the past the 10 years. There is simply no better place to be than to work with students everyday. I am so proud to work as a part of St. Paul Public Schools. I am a resident of the beautiful city and seeing the laser focus on student success at Murray and all schools makes me proud to be a part of this district. My son is a graduate of SPPS and I am thankful that he was prepared for success in high school and beyond. He was prepared academically, socially, emotionally and behaviorally in the most diverse of settings. He was truly set up for success in our global world!

    When not at school, my hobbies include reading, quilting, spending time with friends, and movies. I also love walking this beautiful city of St. Paul with my two dogs. We are so lucky to live in an urban area that has so many lakes, walking paths, bike paths, etc.

    To each of you…welcome to Murray. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful school community. We understand you have choice and we take very seriously, the responsibility of partnering with you for your child’s success.

    Go Pilots!
    Principal Stacy Theien-Collins