TIP: Truancy Intervention Program

  • TIP: Truancy Intervention Program

    How It Works:
    TIP is a three-step process involving progressively intrusive interventions to compel students and their parents to address the truancy problem in a positive manner.

    Step 1
    Students with as few as three unexcused absences may be referred to TIP. The student's family is sent a letter informing them of the attendance problem and requiring them to attend a large-group meeting where an assistant county attorney discusses the legal, social and individual ramifications of continued poor attendance.

    Step 2
    If school attendance does not improve after the initial intervention, the student and parents are required to attend a School Attendance Review Team (SART) hearing. At this hearing an assistant county attorney leads a team of school and other officials in negotiating a contract with the student and the parents.

    Step 3
    If attendance still fails to improve, a truancy petition is filed in Ramsey County Juvenile Court and an expedited hearing is scheduled. A student faces such penalties as the loss of his or her driver's license.