Highland Park Lady Scots Tennis

  • WELCOME to Girls' Tennis at Highland Park Senior High School!

    2019 Spring Tennis Meeting

    1) Captains Rachel Van Fleet, Joli Lacy, Anna Grundhoefer

                *Captains' Practices start July 29th runs through August 9th

                -days and times TBD

    2) Schedule-varsity 2019 schedule goto: http://mshsl.org/mshsl/schoolactpage.asp?school=407&actnum=420

    3) Recruitment-always looking for new players to join!!

    4) Hit-around sessions during summer-possible Tuesdays/Thursdays 8-10

                -starting June 11th

    5) Sign-up sheet: stop by Coach Shaw’s room 2209 or email (michael.shaw@spps.org) me your personal info: cell # and active email address given so you can be reached during summer for captains' practices and/or other gatherings

    6) Fundraising/Clothing items-continue with current vendor or look elsewhere?

    7) Uniforms-still missing a few skirts and tops-check at home!!

    8) Practices -Varsity first two weeks August 12-25 8:00-11:00


    9) Varsity-need to be at minimum 4 practices to qualify for varsity lineup

    10) Varsity Letter-50% competing in total number of varsity matches

    11) Summer Tennis Opportunities

    -SPUT-Saint Paul Urban Tennis: https://stpaulurbantennis.org/

    -Fred Wells Tennis Center: http://www.fwtec.org/

    12) Paperwork and Physicals-see below for information on!

    Free Minnesota State High School League Sports Physicals

    TRIA  is offering sports physicals (MSHSL pre-participation exams) for high school student athletes. All exams are completed by primary care sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons. Athletic Trainers will review each student athlete’s history prior to seeing the physicians and will provide optional ImPACT tests. At TRIA, we care for athletes of all ages and abilities. We’re proud to be team physicians for the Minnesota Twins, Wild, and Whitecaps.

    Registration opens 6/1/19. Follow the link for registration:


    **2019 Sign-up: can be done now!  Please contact AD Mr. Auran (stop by his office or email) about signing up early for the Fall sports season.  Please take care of this now rather than waiting in line on the first day of practice!  There will be a small reward for those players signing up prior to the first day of practice!


    Link to 2019 Varsity Schedule and MSHSL Site Varsity Schedule MSHSL Site

    Team Rosters for Varsity, JV and C-squad can be found @ MSHSL site (click on FULL ROSTER to view)

2018 HP Varsity Girls' Tennis

2019 HP Varsity Girls' Tennis
  • Questions? Please email

    Coach Shaw:  michael.shaw@ssps.org for more information.

    Recruiting : We are always looking for new girls to join our squad. Please encourage friends and family members to come out and learn how to play an awesome and lifelong sport!

    Head Coach: Michael  Shaw

    Assistant/Volunteer Coach: Pat Van Fleet

    JV Coach: Tim Lang

    C-squad Coach: Jesse McCann


Girls Tennis All-Conference Team