• Student Support

    Galtier Community School provides learners with additional support as needed throughout the day. For more information about student support at Galtier, check out these teacher, coach and social worker pages:

    Special Education

    The Special Education Department is dedicated to helping students with special needs find success. Galtier Community School offers a variety of services to meet the individual educational needs of each student, including: Specific Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Other Health Disabilities, Speech and Language and social work.


    The MLL programs in Saint Paul Public Schools are now part of the Office of Multilingual Learning. The Multilingual Learning department provides services to students who are learning English, indigenous & world languages and who are enrolled in dual-language programs.

    Technology Integration

    A Technology Integration Specialist works to create opportunities for students to engage with technology in creative and purposeful ways. Using technology can accelerate learning and offer multiple ways for students to access information, express their understanding and stay engaged. Galtier is committed to building and sustaining an academic program integrated with the latest technology.


    Social Work

    School Social Workers are the link between home, school and community. As members of the education team, school social workers promote and support students' academic and social success by providing various specialized services.

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