Workers' Compensation Overview

  • Coverage [MN Statute Chapter 176]

    Workers’ compensation covers SPPS paid employees who are injured while at work. Coverage includes:

    • Medical care related to the injury, as long as it is reasonable and necessary.
    • Wage-loss benefits for part of your income loss.
    • Benefits for permanent damage to a body function.
    • Benefits to your dependents if you die of a work injury.
    • Vocational rehabilitation services if you cannot return to your job or to the employer you had before your injury.
    • Travel mileage to obtain medical treatment and/or for certain vocational rehabilitation activities.

    Workers’ compensation is coordinated with long-term disability benefits, but not with short-term disability benefits. It is possible to receive pro-rated benefits from long-term disability while receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

    Third-Party Administrator

    SPPS is self-insured for workers’ compensation benefits. The third-party administrator for all SPPS workers’ compensation claims is:

    11100 WAYZATA BLVD, SUITE 535
    MINNETONKA, MN 55305
    Tele: 952.847.2348
    Fax: 952.847.2380

    For additional information regarding workers’ compensation benefits, please contact Cari Morgan in the Facilities Department at T: 651.767.8233 F: 651.744.1867

    SPPS, as a municipal subdivision of the State, is self-insured for worker's compensation liability. (MN Statute 471.981, subd. 1; MN Statute 466.01, subd. 1; MN Statute 176.181)

    What To Do If You Are Injured At Work

    Preferred Providers

    First Report Of Injury


  • For additional information regarding workers' compensation, please contact Cari Morgan in the Facilities Department at
    T: 651.767.8233
    F: 651.744.1867

    First Report of Injury Form

    All completed First Report of Injury Forms must be sent directly to the Facilities Department for processing.
    FAX: 651.744.1867

    Do not send any forms directly to the State.
    (Disregard the generic State address and fax number on the form, as they are not to be used for processing.)