• Bonjour et bienvenue dans la musique à L'Etoile du Nord !Mlle. Curran playing congas in Costa Rica on a trip with the UMN percussion studio.

    Emily Curran is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota in Music Education and French Studies. She is a percussionist and she has played in many wind ensembles and orchestras at the U of M as well as around the Twin Cities. Mlle. Curran is currently the percussion section leader of the Mississippi Valley Orchestra, a strongly community-centered orchestra based in St. Paul. 

    Mlle. Curran has studied French for about eight years. She spent time studying abroad in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Montpellier in the south of France, where she took classes on French culture and French cinéma. She has spent multiple summers in Aix-en-Provence with wonderful French friends, originally made from a cultural exchange in high school.

    Mlle. Curran is passionate about music and French and hopes to transmit this passion to all LNFI students.