About Washington Technology Magnet School

  • About Washington                                                                                                                                              

    At Washington Technology Magnet School our mission is to help kids get smarter.  We have a collective vision of students engaged in learning, preparing them for a changing world.  Washington is a comprehensive magnet secondary school with a science, mathematics and technology focus that serves students in grades 6 through 12.  Students learn in interdisciplinary teams in specially designed “house” areas of the school.  Washington is also a BioSMART school, which stands for Biological Science, Math, Academic Rigor and Technology.  Students at Washington select one of two BioSMART pathways offering specialized courses in biomedical or engineering.


    The Students                                                                                                                                                       

    Student Population: 2109                                            Other Statistics:

          56%     Asian                                                               59%    Limited English Proficient

          25%     African American                                              91%    Free and Reduced Lunch

          12%     Hispanic                                                           17%    Special Education

          6%       Caucasian

          <1%    Native American


    Data for the Graduating Class of 2018                                                                                                               

    Students Attending:                                                                      

          38%     4 Year Colleges                                                           

          56%     2 Year Colleges                                                          

          5%       Military                                                                      

           1%      HUBBS, apprenticeship, work program