Parents and Community

  • Letter from a Washington Parent
    I am reminded of the phrase "Now is the Time" from one of Martin Luther King's speeches as I begin this letter to you. I would like to use this quote as a beginning to try to further your interest in your child's education. As one parent to another I see an opportunity for us to become more connected to our children's education. I have noticed these factors done well have a profound impact on their educational outcome.

    Be inspired.

    You have probably noticed as I have the development and capacity of a child's mind. How it comprehends, how it retains, how it brings forth new ideas. I am amazed. Take time to be aware of it. Your child gives you many opportunities to be inspired we just have to pause and be alert to be able to receive it.

    Be engaged.

    I encourage you to take the time to be engaged in your child's education. Those children that have engaged parents do see the greatest gains in their test scores and their educational outcome. They see a future that has opportunity for them, a place for them to apply their skills, a chance to succeed. Take the next step to interact with them about their education. Dig into what is happening at school and what they are learning.


    Parents that participate show to their children that they care about them. The child's understanding is reinforced. That what they are doing is important. That they have an opportunity to excel especially in front of their parent. Go to their athletic event, go to their performance, go to their demonstration, go to their conference.

    If you do this you will be inspired. That inspiration will cause you to find other ways to get and see opportunities that would improve the outcome of your child's education. Washington is very committed to closing the Achievement Gap; whether that gap targets a group of students or an individual student closing their personal gap.

    Philip Friedlund

    Washington Parent