College & Career Paths

  • BioSMART is an acronym for Biological Science, Math, Acacemic Rigor, and Technology.  Washington students take more classes in math and science from grades six through twelve culminating in advanced mathematics, engineering and biomedical science classes where students can earn college credit right at Washington.

    In sixth through ninth grades, all students take the same introductory BioSMART signature courses so they get a broad background in technology, human biology, and engineering.  They take these classes in addition to their regular grade-level science classes.  Additional enrichment opportunities are available through elective and enrichment classes in computer programming, robotics, and technology. 


    Course Descriptions for BioSMART


    Grade 6 - Computer Applications and introduction to computer coding

    Grade 7 - Human Biology

    Grade 8 - Project Lead the Way "Design and Modelling" Pre-Engineering

    Grade 9 - Cell Biology and Earth/Space Science

    In 10th grade, students make a choice to specialize in the Engineering or BioMedical Science pathway.