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    Washington Technology Magnet School

    Visual & Media Arts Department

  • High School  VISUAL ARTS

    Instructor: Adriana Besta


    Washington Technology high school visuals arts program is a comprehensive program developing student's skills and abilities in the vast field of fine arts.  In a differentiated learning environment, individual growth and development in the areas of drawing, painting, fiber arts, mixed-media, and 3D design; students are challenged to develop skills and find personal voice in artwork created.  Students gain knowledge in the art elements and the principles of design as it relates to using multiple media.  All learning is aligned with the current MN Visual Arts Standards.  Each course is a full semester experience.


    The following courses are offered to 9th-12th grade students, and courses are offered thru quarter and semester formats:

    Beginning/Intermediate Drawing

    Beginning/Intermediate Painting

    Exploratory Art- The Multi-Media Experience

  • High School/Middle School MEDIA ARTS

    Instructor: Tobie Vickers-Lee


    Washington Technology high school and middle school media arts program allows students to creatively explore the field of photography and desktop publishing.

    Students engage in hands-on projects throughout a full semester, exploring the art elements and principles of design as they relate to capturing realistic images with a camera and enhancing those photos using desktop publishing software. Through a project-based curriculum, students gain new skills with the use of a camera and the Adobe Photoshop.  All learning is aligned with current MN Media Arts Standards.


    The following courses are elective-based courses offered to 7th through 12th Grades.

    MS Introduction to Digital Photography

    HS Beginning Digital Photography

    HSPhotoshop-The Creative Toolbox

    HS Introduction to Digital Film-Making

  • Middle School VISUAL ARTS

    Instructor: Courtney Veszi


    Washington Technology middle school art program is an exploratory art program at the intermediate level grades 6-8. Students at the 6th grade level experience one quarter of exploratory art gaining knowledge and skills in the areas of drawing, painting, and mixed-media.  The visuals arts experience is a quarter long experience and the curriculum focuses on an introduction to the art elements and principles of design as it relates to each media taught. 

    For 7th and 8th grade students, visual art is a multi-grade learning experience, and is an elective course offered for a full semester exploring the vast field of visual art, developing skills and knowledge in the areas of drawing, painting, mixed-media, printmaking, and 3D design.  In this differentiated learning environment, learning is focused on individual growth on skills and knowledge in the visual art experience.  All learning is aligned with the Intermediate Benchmarks in the MN Visual Arts Standards.

    Courses offered:

    6th grade - Exploratory Art - Quarter Class

    7th/8th grade - Exploratory Art- Semester Class