Washington Technology Secondary Reading Program

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    6th Grade Readers Workshop: All 6th grade students complete a year long reading course that complements the 6th grade Writers Workshop class. This course teaches 6th grade literacy standards through modeling, independent reading, read alouds and small group instruction. 

    Washington Technology Secondary is committed to supporting all students by implementing reading interventions through research-based models designed to increase literacy for all students.

    Reading Strategies is designed for students in grades 7-9 with emerging literacy skills and continue to need instruction on basic reading skills.

    High School Reading includes intense reading strategies and skills designed for 9 - 12th grade students, with an emphasis on the advancement of reading skills; specifically to demonstrate increased reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. These courses are designed to enhance the student's success in reading more complex passages with an increased level of comprehension and confidence as an emerging 21st century American citizen. Washington Technology Magnet students are being prepared to do well on the ACT Reading and/or the Accuplacer exam as they graduate and pursue their college experiences.