Horace Mann School Parent Teacher Association

  • Welcome to the Horace Mann School PTA. We look forward to your participation!

    The Horace Mann School PTA is very successful due to the overwhelming involvement and dedication of the school community. Parents, guardians, extended families, teachers and volunteers consistently go out of their way help to ensure the education and social and emotional growth of our children.

    Purpose:  The purpose of the Horace Mann School Parent Teacher Association is as follows:

    • To support the school mission
    • To encourage volunteer support from parents and the community
    • To support public education across the nation
    • To act as a fundraising agent of the school
    • To assist parents in developing the necessary skills to raise,educate and protect their children
    • To support and speak on behalf of children at schools, legislative organizations and other government organizations that make decisions affecting children.

    Accountability:    The  Horace  Mann  School PTA  is  accountable  to  the  school principal,  School Continuous  Improvement Plan, State, and National Parent Teacher Association  rules,  regulations  and  guidelines, students, parents and community.

    Decision  Making Authority:  The local PTA Leadership Committee may make decisions provided they follow guidelines established by the State & National  Parent  Teacher  Association. The school principal may override decisions if deemed necessary.

    While this PTA page is hosted on Saint Paul Public Schools, the Horace Mann PTA is a private association with no legal affiliation to Saint Paul Public Schools. The opinions and language expressed within the PTA section are those of the PTA and do not necessarily reflect the views of Saint Paul Public Schools.

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