Planner and Binder Rubric

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  • Panther Binder Guidelines:

    • Bring your entire binder (with folders and planner) to every class every day!
    • Write your homework task in your planner every class every day!
    • Bring your homework folder and planner home every night!
    • Get a signature from your parent/guardian during the weekend (before your first Foundations class of each new week).
    • Put daily homework in your “homework” folder to bring home each day; put resources/study materials in your “assessment resource” folder.
    • Clean out your folders and binder at the beginning of each month!
    • Need to study for a big test? You may decide to bring your “assessment resource” folder home to use for studying. You should not bring your binder home at any time.

    Organization Rubric:
    You will be graded for your planner use as a weekly homework assignment in one of your classes.  (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

School Supplies