Children's House

  • Welcome to the Children's House section of our website.

    Our Children's House program provides an enriching, nurturing, and stimulating learning experience for all day four-year-olds and all day Kindergarten students. Learning is hands-on with specially designed Montessori materials for math, language, sensorial , practical life activities, art, science, and geography. The learning materials ("works") are attractively arranged on shelves by subject area. Students independently choose activities from the shelves and work at their own pace.

    The practical life activities may well be the most important works in the Children's House class. The young child loves the abundance of practical life exercises because they enable them to function confidently and competently in the activities of their everyday life. The activities satisfy children's desire to imitate adults with items especially scaled to their size. They are naturally attracted to things that give them independence and control of their life. Industriously they sweep, polish, pour, prepare food, and garden. The students are able to methodically master all of the skills they need for independence. But while they are enthralled with their work, they are developing their concentration, attention to detail, and coordination. The practical life activities are the foundation on which the child approaches all other work. The exercises teach the work habits that lead to success in all later academic work.

    The Children's House teacher acts as a "guide" or facilitator of learning. Through careful observation of each child's interests and needs, the teacher gives individual lessons, called presentations. Lessons may also be given to small or large groups as well. Each of our teachers is highly qualified for early childhood education, completing both state licensure and rigorous Montessori training.