• Atoms Syllabus Motion & Force energy cause

                   MATTER         UNDERGOES            FORCES             WHICH           CAUSE          CHANGES        IN           ITS        MOTION         AND         ENERGY!!!



    I’m Angela Peterson.    

    I chose to become a teacher in 1996 after I was working doing data analysis for an environmental lab and working as an evening supervisor for a project at the University of MN. After, while working as a customer service coordinator for a veterinarian and volunteering as a naturalist working with girl and boy scouts on the weekends, I decided I loved my time volunteering with kids most and decided that I would apply to the University of MN program and become a teacher.  It is hard to believe that was over 18 years ago.

    I have worked as a General Science, Earth Science, and Life Science teacher in the first 11 years; I also taught single gender classes and ELL Science classes and co taught during my first 11 years as a teacher.  Since working at Washington, I started out as a Life science teacher and I am happy to say, I now have been a Physical Science teacher for the last 4 years in high school.  I have really loved the experience and am looking forward to my 5th year teaching Physical Science!


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