Mrs. Racek

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    Hi, I am Sharon Racek. I am a veteran teacher who has taught outstate the first half of my career before coming to St. Paul Public Schools. Since I enjoy all subject areas, I originally decided to pursue elementary education where I specialized in upper elementary. Both going to school and working in school had become a hobby of mine. As my children approached school age, I returned to the classroom and continued my education until I became a Reading Specialist. While working in St. Paul, I have taught elementary, middle school science, English and remedial reading.


    My greatest joy in education is working with students with all types of personalities, strengths and weakness. I am most alive when I am with my students. I receive great enjoyment from watching them move to success, hearing them beg to continue reading a story when it is time to close the book, or enlighten them on a piece of knowledge that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. It excites me to give them adventures beyond the classroom and techniques to ascertain these adventures on their own.



    I teach a variety of genres to my classes including the classics,  modern teen novels, biographies and books of humor. My most common motto is to keep your eyes on the words to make a connection to your brain.  My goal is for my students to internalize the who, what, when, where, why and how of a story.  Great joy comes to me when I introduce my students to new ideas or stories that they don’t want to put down.  I love to hear them expound on what they think the ending will be or if they are upset that the book didn’t end the way they wanted it to end. 




    Washington Technology Magnet School